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    Yangtze River Delta overseas Chinese merchants and Shangqiu exchange activities

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    On October 29, the opening ceremony and project signing ceremony of cooperation and exchange between overseas Chinese merchants in the Yangtze River Delta and Shangqiu were successfully held in Shangqiu, Hebei Province. The cooperation and exchange activity attracted more than 300 overseas Chinese merchants from home and abroad and the Yangtze River Delta to gather in Shangqiu, discuss cooperation and seek common development. Zhu Yilong, vice chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese, Yang Yuhuan, former vice chairman of the Federation and chairman of the Shanghai Federation of overseas Chinese, Wang Zhanying, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Liu Hesheng, deputy inspector of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese attended the opening ceremony.

    Shangqiu is a comprehensive transportation hub city determined by the Ministry of transport of the people's Republic of China and a demonstration city of industrial transfer undertaken by the Central Plains Economic Zone. From January to September 2019, there are 11 major economic indicators in Shangqiu City, with the growth rate ranking the top three in Henan Province, of which 6 indicators rank the first in the province. The implementation plan of establishing a more effective new mechanism of regional coordinated development recently issued by Henan provincial Party committee and provincial government further clarifies the position and orientation of Shangqiu in the overall development of Henan Province the holding of the communication and cooperation docking activities between the Yangtze River Delta and Shangqiu not only highlights Shangqiu's ability to create an excellent business environment, promote high-level opening, vigorously develop the hub economy and accelerate the construction of a national regional center city, but also further indicates that Shangqiu will not be a bridgehead for Henan to integrate into the Yangtze River Delta and enhance the competitiveness of Henan Province The support point of.

    As an important part of China's business community, since the reform and opening up, more and more overseas Chinese businessmen favor Shangqiu, invest in Shangqiu and take root in Shangqiu. Now, the holding of docking activities has also opened a new chapter of exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. A total of 23 projects were signed at the site of this activity, with a total investment of 26.62 billion yuan. Li Mingxian, chairman of Henan dejiali Technology Development Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the event to witness the in-depth exchanges between the two sides Li Mingxian, chairman of the board of directors of degali, came to the Chinese business culture square to participate in the economic and cultural exchange activities such as the international Chinese Business Festival in Shangqiu, China Shangqiu is not only a famous economic city in Henan Province, but also has a bright history and culture. The annual China Shangqiu International Chinese Business Festival is held in Shangqiu, Henan Province. It aims to promote the spirit of Chinese business, promote the cooperation of Chinese business, accelerate the development of Shangqiu, focus on building a famous cultural city, and make a strategic decision to promote the coordinated and healthy development of economy, culture and society. At the same time, it strengthens the connection of Chinese business in the world, vigorously promotes the excellent culture of Chinese business, and absorbs and draws lessons from the world The advanced achievements of modern commercial civilization in various regions have enhanced the national cohesion and cultural identity of Chinese businessmen, conspired for economic development and expanded the influence of Chinese businessmen at home and abroad.

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