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    It's not a whim for pharmaceutical companies to make cosmetics

    Echemi 2019-11-07


    Although cosmetics are more invested in advertising, their profit return is also high, which is the reason why cosmetics have strong attraction to pharmaceutical enterprises. The sale of lipstick by China Resources Sanjiu and Ma Yinglong has aroused the public's attention to the cosmetics made by pharmaceutical enterprises, but this is not a new topic in fact. The traditional Chinese medicine enterprise pianzahuang launched the brand skin care products of "Queen pianzahuang" as early as 1980, and the products were once popular in Southeast Asia. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are nearly 300 pharmaceutical enterprises involved in the cosmetics business in China. It's not so easy to trace the reasons why these pharmaceutical companies are piling up to make cosmetics. A senior executive of Guangzhou Jingxiu Hall said: "now the threshold of making medicine is getting higher and higher, the investment in new product research and development is huge, and the cycle is very long, which makes some enterprises with weak strength hold back, compared with the risk of cosmetics investment and failure is much lower." As an example of their "Guangzhou Jingxiu hall 1790 Co., Ltd.," did not spend too much time and money on the horse, and achieved success. In its view, although cosmetics are more invested in advertising, but the return on profits is also high, which is why cosmetics have a strong attraction to pharmaceutical companies. In 1995, Panlong Yunhai group created its make-up brand shiliwei. According to the information displayed on a shopping website, it only took 29 days to develop one of its make-up brands. In contrast, Roche pharmaceutical once announced the conditions for a new drug to be developed and put on the market, which took 12 years on average, required 6.614 billion yuan, 70000874 hours, 6587 experiments, 4 23 researchers.

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