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    Stabilizing vegetable price and benefiting people's livelihood

    Echemi 2019-11-14


    52 kinds of 20 tons of melon and vegetable have been transferred from the island to Lingao every day, which has played a positive role in stabilizing the local market price. It is understood that Lingao fruit, melon and vegetable trading center is one of the private practical projects of the government of Lingao County in 2019, with a total investment of 2.7 million yuan to promote the construction of the project. The trading center is located in Meitai Road, Lincheng Town, with a cold storage of 3200 square meters and a distribution point in the county.

    Wang Xian, director of the supply and Marketing Cooperative of Lingao County, said that the main purpose of building the trading center is to ensure the problems of "south to North food transfer" and "north to South food transfer". When there is a shortage of vegetables in summer and typhoon days, the price of vegetables can be reduced by adjusting vegetables in time, and the problem of marketing can be solved in time when the local melon vegetables are listed in winter.

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