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    Modern coal chemical industry helps to build an upgraded coal industry

    Echemi 2019-11-21


    How to solve the contradiction between energy supply shortage and ecological environment protection under the condition of lack of oil, gas and coal in China? At the 2019 Western China high end coal chemical industry forum recently held, experts pointed out that the development of modern coal chemical industry to promote the transformation of low-carbon and clean coal is a practical way to solve the above contradictions.

    To build an upgraded version of China's coal industry is of great significance to solve the contradiction and conflict between China's socio-economic development and energy shortage, and to ensure the national energy security. " Wu Qiang, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of China University of mining and Technology (Beijing), said. At present, the consumption ratio of coal, oil and gas, non fossil energy in China is 6:2.5:1.5, and the total energy consumption is about 5 billion tons of standard coal. In 2018, raw coal production was 3.68 billion tons and consumption was 3.9 billion tons, accounting for 69.6% and 59% of primary energy production and consumption respectively. The energy structure dominated by coal will not change fundamentally in the short term. Unless there is disruptive innovation in the field of energy technology, the energy structure dominated by coal can be fundamentally shaken. "

    Wang Shoujian, former chief engineer of China Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Experts pointed out that the transformation of low-carbon and clean coal energy through transformation is the way for modern coal chemical industry in China to practice and explore the development of clean transformation. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the coal energy transformation has taken shape. The rapid development of modern coal chemical industry has become one of the biggest highlights in the development of chemical industry, and it has been in the forefront of the world. For example, in the aspect of coal to natural gas, the total capacity in 2018 is 5.1 billion cubic meters, the annual output is about 3 billion cubic meters, and the capacity utilization rate is 59%. According to Wang Shoujian, the industrial demonstration of modern coal chemical projects in China has been basically mature, and a considerable part of the technology is in the international leading level. For example, four nozzle coal water slurry gasifier and the third generation Jinhua gasifier have made major breakthroughs in the core technology of coal gasification, and coal to oil has realized commercial operation, etc.

    Experts pointed out that from the national level, the five directions of coal green development, coal clean combustion and efficient power generation, coal clean conversion, carbon capture and storage (CCUs), and coal clean and efficient utilization decision support have been clear. However, the development of coal chemical industry still faces some bottleneck problems. For example, the lack of water resources restricts the development of coal chemical industry, the homogenization of coal chemical products is very common, the core technology and equipment manufacturing of high-end products are monopolized by developed countries, and the clean transformation of coal chemical industry is inefficient. The problems of high pollution, high emission, high energy consumption and low coal concentration still need to be solved. " Wang Shoujian said. Experts pointed out that to solve the above problems, R & D innovation is an eternal theme. Taking the new generation catalyst technology innovation as an example, its reaction activity, reaction selectivity, conversion rate and so on all need constant research and innovation. There is no panacea for the current situation of China's energy, we can only open up the source of energy and use the main energy well.

    At the same time, we need to increase the development of unconventional natural gas such as coalbed methane and shale gas, increase the development and utilization of renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, tidal energy and marine energy, and clean energy such as hydrogen energy. In the future, commercial development of natural gas hydrate, man-made sun, etc. will be open-source. At the same time, with the progress of science and technology, energy consumption per unit of GDP will be reduced. For example, about 20% of building heating and cooling can use geothermal energy, especially shallow geothermal energy, and the application of BIPV technology is for throttling. From a scientific point of view, coal resources, like other mineral resources, do have problems in the process of exploration, development, consumption and utilization, such as greening, safety, occupational health, recovery rate and cleaning, low-carbon, etc. These problems should also be paid more attention to in the process of land space planning, regulation and rehabilitation. " Wuqiang pointed out.

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