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    Wacker exhibits a number of new products and technology for coating and adhesive

    Echemi 2019-12-10


    In 2019 China International Coatings exhibition, Wacker will launch a number of new products and technologies for coating and adhesive applications. Among them, nexiva ® redispersible latex powder can be used to prepare powder like interior wall coating, which can make the coating have important storage and transportation advantages without adding biocide. In addition, Wacker will launch a new developed anti graffiti and anti stick coating technology. This coating formula based on the Wacker silres ® BS product is simple in construction, does not need to be recoated, will not cause damage to the substrate due to the removal of graffiti, and has the function of anti sticking, which can easily remove small advertisements. Other Wacker products include HDK ® H21 fumed silica with high hydrophobicity, industrial adhesives and primers with strong flow resistance, and cavamax ® cyclodextrin, which provides natural sterilization solutions. 2019 China International Coatings exhibition will be held in Shanghai, China from November 18 to 20. Most wall coatings are made of water-based binder or raw materials. But the water in it will create convenient conditions for mold and bacteria to grow.

    In order to prevent the growth of bacteria, biocides are mostly added in the preparation of wall coating to extend its shelf life. But the problem with biocides is that when the paint is applied to the wall, the liquid components and biocides evaporate into the air as they dry. Biocides, especially isothiazolinone, can cause allergic reactions in some people. The nexiva ® series products launched by Wacker are specially developed for the production of coatings without biocides. Using this kind of binder, we can produce liquid and solid powder interior wall coating. Like conventional adhesives used in emulsion form, paint manufacturers can also use NEXIVA to prepare products as required. The powder coating prepared by the method can be stored stably even without preservative. According to the preference of manufacturer or customer, liquid coating can be obtained by adding water before construction. Therefore, biocide does not need to be added in the coating production process. The polymer in the coating can make it have excellent adhesion and easy to brush. Not only that, this kind of powder coating is more convenient for transportation and storage, lighter in weight, and more choices in packaging than liquid coating.

    Powder coating can be packed in bags to save space during transportation and storage, and reduce package damage or leakage during transportation. Moreover, powder coating will not freeze at low temperature and thicken at high temperature as conventional coating. Anti graffiti and anti stick coating based on silres ® BS the formulation of anti graffiti coating containing a variety of silres ® BS products will also be introduced. The permanent anti model silicone coating generated after moisture curing does not need to be recoated many times, and will not sacrifice the coating due to the removal of graffiti. The coating prepared by the utility model is simple in construction, and can be sprayed, rolled or applied with a brush, with only one coating. At room temperature and a certain humidity, after one hour of surface drying, a layer of solid and durable silicone protective layer can be formed after 24 hours. Because the surface energy of the cured coating is very low, it is difficult for other substances to adhere to it. Whether it's oil-based pen, water-based pen or spray paint, it can be wiped directly with water or dry cloth. Posters or posters will either peel off under their own weight or can be easily torn off. The anti graffiti and anti stick coating based on this technology can be used in indoor and outdoor public buildings and children's room hand-painted walls.

    Although the fumed silica has strong hydrophobicity, it can be mixed with polar resin quickly and efficiently. HDK ® H21 has excellent rheological properties in epoxide, vinyl ester and polyurethane based coatings and adhesives, so it can be used to prepare anti sagging and anti settling products, including many industrial primers and industrial adhesives with high strength requirements. Cavamax ® cyclodextrin, which provides a natural sterilization solution, can embed volatile essential oil, reduce its volatilization speed, extend its release time, and improve its stability and water solubility. For example, cyclodextrin essential oil complex can replace the chemical fungicides commonly used in coatings, and play a role of natural sterilization and mildew prevention or insect repellent. This solution can not only provide the same function as the traditional formula, but also provide a pleasant smell sensory experience according to the demand.

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