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    2019 China Chemical Industry Park sustainable development conference held

    Echemi 2020-01-20

    From November 14 to 15, 2019 China Chemical Industry Park sustainable development conference was held in Nanjing. Focusing on the theme of green and sustainable development, the conference focused on cooperation between foreign enterprises and chemical industry park, integrated development of Yangtze River Delta, sustainable development of chemical industry park in Yangtze River economic belt and other green hot spots, and released the first batch of "China Green Chemical Industry Park" list. Nearly 1000 guests from nearly 100 chemical parks and 300 chemical related enterprises attended the meeting. Luo Qun, member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal Committee and full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangbei new area of Nanjing, delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that in the list of top 30 Chinese chemical parks in 2019, Nanjing Jiangbei new material science and Technology Park ranked third, among which the economic quality and total profits ranked first among similar parks in China.


    Jiangbei new area will resolutely implement the Yangtze River Economic Belt's concept of focusing on large-scale protection, not large-scale development and ecological development, highlight the importance of large-scale development and small-scale development, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, insist on giving the limited energy consumption indicators to large enterprises and good projects, strive to maximize the benefits of environmental resources and indicators, and significantly reduce the incidence of work safety accidents and environmental events. This year, the park will issue a three-year action plan for the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry to promote the green transformation and intelligent transformation of traditional industries. This year, it plans to shut down 10 enterprises and reduce the chemical industry park to 80 within three years. Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, made a keynote report on "benchmarking first class, transformation and upgrading, and striving to promote green and sustainable development of petrochemical parks". He pointed out that the sustainable development of China's petrochemical parks has made a lot of positive progress, but it also faces five major problems, such as safety pressure, environmental protection challenges, long way to go for responsible care, the level of professional management of the parks to be improved, and the lack of innovation ability.


    "We should achieve the goal of sustainable development from five aspects: industrial coordination, standardized management, green park construction, smart park construction and benchmarking with world-class parks." In an interview with reporters, Fu Xiangsheng said that to make a good development plan for the 14th five year plan and the medium and long term, petrochemical parks in all regions should focus on the key points, give consideration to the general, and strive to build petrochemical industry clusters; based on their own reality, improve the standard of international first-class; strengthen innovation, green, wisdom, circular economic transformation, industrial chain extension, cultivate backbone enterprises, and do a good job in industrial coordination, Build overall competitiveness. "We have three core technologies, i.e. anaerobic granular sludge bed, aerobic carrier flow bed and coupled ozone biofilm technology. A number of R & D achievements have been recognized by the national key environmental protection practical technology successively. We have more than 30 patent technologies, which fill many gaps in the field of domestic industrial sewage treatment."


    Yu Jia, market director of Nanjing boruide Environmental Group Co., Ltd., told the Economic Daily that based on the broad development prospects of the environmental protection industry, boruide Environmental Group Co., Ltd. is currently in a period of rapid development. In the first half of this year, the signed contract amount exceeded 1 billion yuan. In the next step, boruid will continue to be committed to the treatment of chemical waste water and its recycling, relying on independent intellectual property rights and R & D, to provide more chemical enterprises and chemical parks with one-stop solutions such as technology, design, construction, operation and maintenance. It is understood that the meeting also held the "14th five year plan" and medium and long-term chemical industry park development planning symposium, chemical industry park sustainable development sub forum, chemical industry park water environment and hazardous waste management sub forum, chemical industry park air monitoring and VOC governance sub forum, chemical industry park safety development sub Forum, hydrogen industry innovation and development sub forum, "chemical industry park responsibility care" and 2 019 seven hot sub forums.

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