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    Weak operation of coke market in Ningxia

    Echemi 2019-11-29


    Ningxia news: This week, the coke market in Ningxia is generally weak, and the price of metallurgical coke is stable after falling. Now, the price of 85 coke is 1220 yuan / ton, and that of 80 coke is 1200 yuan / ton. Recently, the price of chemical coke has a slight correction. A representative coke company's chemical coke price rose 30 yuan / ton on the 20th, and the price of ≥ 25 mm is 1020 yuan / ton. It is understood that the environmental protection inspection in Ningxia is relatively small, and the raw material reserve of coke enterprises is sufficient. In addition to the implementation of small-scale production restriction by individual coke enterprises, the overall operating rate of other coke enterprises is maintained above 90%; the downstream steel plants and alloy enterprises normally arrive, due to the reason of production suspension and production restriction, the purchasing enthusiasm is relatively weak, and the inventory in the plant can be controlled at a reasonable level, and the wait-and-see attitude is maintained for the future. At present, the coke and steel enterprises in the mainstream areas continue to play games, and the coke market in Ningxia remains weak in a short period of time.

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