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    The proportion of non-smoking patients with lung cancer is increasing

    Echemi 2020-01-14

    On December 5, Ji Zhe, the former captain of Beijing Men's basketball team, died of invalid medical treatment at the age of 33. It is lung cancer, known as the "number one killer" of human beings, that has taken Ji'an's life. This news makes many netizens exclaim that they are envious of their talents. At the same time, they can't help asking why they are so incurable when they are young? According to Zhi Xiuyi, chairman of China Lung Cancer Alliance of thoracic surgery and director of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment center of Capital Medical University, the incidence of lung cancer in China has been on the rise. In recent years, with the aging of smokers, the incidence of lung cancer is also on the rise. According to the lung cancer prediction data released on the 7th China North South Lung Cancer Summit Forum, it is estimated that by 2020, the number of lung cancer patients in China will exceed 800000, and the death toll will be close to 700000. According to the 2018 statistical data of the National Cancer Center, the number of lung cancer patients and deaths in China has ranked the first in malignant tumors for 10 consecutive years.


    Each year, there are about 787000 new lung cancer patients, about 631000 people died of lung cancer, and more than 1700 people died of lung cancer every day. The increasing number of smokers in China is considered to be the main cause of high incidence and mortality of lung cancer. According to a study published by the National Cancer Center in the lancet this year, smoking is the first carcinogen for men in all 31 provinces and autonomous regions. About a quarter of cancer deaths in men are attributed to smoking, and more than half of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. In recent years, teenagers' smoking has an increasing trend, lung cancer has also shown a younger trend. Liao Wenke, vice president of China Tobacco Control Association, said in an online interview held on the official website of the national health and Health Commission on November 25 that the survey results showed that more than half of smokers in China started smoking before the age of 20. Zhixiuyi pointed out that the harm of lung cancer caused by teenagers' smoking can not be shown until several years later. It has been proved that the lung tissue of adolescents is more sensitive to carcinogens, and the risk of lung cancer is higher in the future.

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