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    Northwest Chemical Industry Sales escort the construction of local key projects

    Echemi 2020-03-02

    From November 26, when the railway transportation process was fully completed, as of December 10, northwest chemical industry sales has shipped 350 vehicles of PX (p-xylene) products, 1990t, for Xinjiang Korla Zhongtai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., preparing nearly 40% of the raw materials for the scheduled commissioning of PTA plant at the end of the year. Korla Zhongtai Petrochemical's PTA project with an annual output of 1.2 million tons is a key project of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in response to the "belt and road" initiative of the state. It is the project that undertakes the PX products of PetroChina Urumqi petrochemical, connects the polyester, polyester staple fiber and filament production units, and develops the blending industry on the spot. The project fills in the gap of Xinjiang's textile and clothing chemical fiber industry, and is the one that the government of Xinjiang autonomous region promotes the economy of Southern Xinjiang The major livelihood project is also an important enterprise local cooperation project of PetroChina to promote the diversified development of oil and gas resources in southern Xinjiang and extend the chemical industry chain.


    At the beginning of November, after receiving the request from Sinopec and Sinopec to complete the material preparation within one month, Northwest Chemical sales, together with Urumqi petrochemical, quickly gathered key sales and storage and transportation personnel, went to Kuerle Shangku Industrial Park to inspect the special railway line unloading facilities, and studied and developed the material transportation plan. According to the type matching requirements of PX tank car, help Sinopec to complete the transformation of unloading stack crane, check and confirm the technical integrity of heating and tank power transmission system, and ensure that there is no risk of raw material unloading. In the next 10 days, Northwest Chemical Industry Sales Coordination Urumqi Railway Corporation obtained the license to start the special line in the plant of Sinopec. Under the coordination of PetroChina refining and chemical company, it finalized the PX unified distribution plan of Sinopec, mobilized more than 200 PX railway tankers to be ready for assembly and emergency distribution of 650 tons of special-type packaged PTA products to Sinopec, which was used as the "reverse opening" of polyester plant Car "raw material reserve. At 16:00 on November 26, the first 20 PX Railway Tankers from Urumqi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. were successfully aligned in the unloading stack of Korla Zhongtai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The annual demand for PX of PTA unit of Sinopec is about 750000 tons, and 420000 tons of quota will come from Urumqi Petrochemical after being put into operation. Compared with the previous long-distance sales to East China and the nearby utilization of resources, each ton of PX products can save more than 700 yuan of logistics costs for PetroChina.

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