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    Shenmu: stop offering tickets to some coal enterprises

    Echemi 2020-03-02

    According to market news, the "Shenmu coal production, transportation and marketing management measures (Provisional)" issued by Shenmu Energy Bureau recently proposed that some coal production, processing and marketing enterprises stop providing tickets for 10-20 days depending on the circumstances. The method is clear, when the coal mine returns to work, it must provide the Energy Bureau and the central coal management office with monthly and annual mining plans and production plans. The resident safety inspector shall report the mining situation and actual production of the coal mine to the central coal management office every day, and make a summary and statistics with the central coal management office every month on the amount of coal mined and the amount of coal mined in the area of resumption of construction and production in accordance with the month and quarter.


    In case of any of the following behaviors of coal production, processing and distribution enterprises, the ticket supply shall be stopped for 10-20 days depending on the circumstances, and the leading group of coal inspection and joint law enforcement shall conduct a comprehensive inspection. (1) there are acts of multi-purpose, multi-purpose, multi-purpose, multi-purpose, non-conforming, transfer and lending of bills, or forgery of bills; (2) loss of bills or missing bills; (3) failure to cooperate with bill management or inspection; (4) other acts in violation of regulations on transportation and marketing management. China Economic Herald once reported that Chen jingzeng, head of Yulin coal transportation and marketing management station, said: "Yulin City takes" Coal Management Bill "as the starting point to manage coal production, safety and sales. This is a set of effective management system formed through continuous exploration, summary, improvement and improvement in combination with the characteristics of coal industry work in the past 30 years, and in the overall work It plays an irreplaceable role. " According to Chen Jing, since the early 1980s, with the discovery of Shenfu coal field and the promotion of the policy of "state, collective and individual together", the development of Northern Shaanxi coal field began.


    In the 21st century, Yulin's coal industry is developing rapidly, and its coal output is increasing year by year. In order to strengthen the management of the transportation and marketing links, Yulin City governs four key coal producing counties and districts, including Yuyang District, Hengshan District, Shenmu city and Fugu County. It has set up its own measuring stations and printed and distributed coal tickets to manage the order of the coal transportation and marketing of the county. However, in the process of the operation of each county and district, there has been a chaos of "self-management, multiple tickets, disorder and loss of taxes and fees". In 2006, Yulin Municipal Party committee and municipal government decided to establish Yulin coal transportation and marketing management station in order to standardize the order of coal market, block the loopholes of tax and fee loss and realize the unified management of the whole city. The "three unified and one" management mode (i.e. unified plan, unified bill and unified management system equipment) was implemented for the order of coal highway transportation and marketing of the whole city. The most effective management mode of "three unifications" is "coal management ticket". In this regard, Li Qingfeng, Secretary of Yulin coal transportation and marketing management station, introduced that "coal management ticket", namely "Yulin special ticket for coal sales Measurement", is printed by Yulin Finance Bureau, and then issued to enterprises by municipal and County coal management departments. In the management process of bill issuance and recovery, municipal and county departments have formed a set of mutual supervision and restriction mechanism system, which is a model In this way, the possibility of imposing taxes in the name of coal bills in the past is completely eliminated. At present, the coal related enterprises in Yulin only need to pay 1 yuan / ton of water and soil conservation fee collected on behalf of them when they receive the "coal pipe bill", and there is no other fee.

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