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    Tiandi Longyue signs strategic cooperation agreement with China Coal Information

    Echemi 2020-03-02

    On December 2, Tiandi Longyue signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Coal Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xu Zhong, chairman and general manager of Tiandi Longyue company, and Wang Xisheng, general manager of China coal information company, attended the signing ceremony. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is the implementation of the guiding opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises by Tiandi Longyue, the practice of deepening reform, win-win cooperation and innovative development, marking the official start of a new round of cooperation between Tiandi Longyue and China coal information. Tiandi Longyue and China coal information give full play to their advantages in the research and application of informatization, digitalization and intelligence in the industrial chain of coal mine, coal chemical industry, electric power, e-government, coal machinery equipment, etc., will carry out in-depth cooperation in market, technology, talent and other aspects, promote the technical strength of both sides in the research of new technology application, and jointly develop through the complementary advantages of both sides Set industry standards, jointly research and develop common key technologies in the industry, better play the synergy effect, better perform the social responsibility of central enterprises, and jointly establish a good image of "win-win cooperation and common development" of central enterprises.

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