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    Ordos Municipal government and National Energy Group signed a cooperation

    Echemi 2020-03-02

    Inner Mongolia Daily reported that on December 8, the Party committee, government and national energy group of the autonomous region held a symposium in Beijing to deepen communication and exchanges and deepen practical cooperation. Shi Taifeng, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region, bu Xiaolin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region and chairman of the autonomous region attended the symposium. Wang Xiangxi, chairman of national energy group, presided over the symposium, and Liu Guoyue, general manager of national energy group, attended. At the symposium, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on specific cooperation issues. On behalf of the Party committee and the government of the autonomous region, Shi Taifeng expressed gratitude to the state energy group for its support and help to Inner Mongolia. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to the work of Inner Mongolia, made important speeches and instructions many times, and urged us to actively explore a new way of high-quality development guided by ecological priority and green development. In terms of energy resources development and comprehensive utilization, General Secretary Xi Jinping asked Inner Mongolia to do a good job in this article on modern energy economy. Inner Mongolia and national energy group have a good foundation for cooperation. Facing the future, we are willing to deepen cooperation and work together with national energy group, accelerate the development of modern energy economy, accelerate the construction of modern economic system, and transform the ardent expectation of General Secretary Xi Jinping into the fruitful results on the land of Northern Xinjiang. The Party committee and the government of the autonomous region will give full support to the investment and development of national energy group in Inner Mongolia, create a good environment for project cooperation and enterprise development, and work together to raise the practical cooperation between the two sides to a higher level. Wang Xiangxi said that the national energy group should earnestly study and implement the important instruction spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping, actively implement the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation", give full play to the advantages of industry, talents, technology, capital, etc., actively connect with the development plan of inner Mongolia, based on the current and long-term perspective, continuously deepen practical cooperation, open up national energy group and A new page in Inner Mongolia cooperation. National Energy Group will further increase its investment in Inner Mongolia, constantly optimize the project layout, continue to play a role in green mining and clean and efficient utilization of coal, development of new energy and renewable energy, cultivation of emerging industries, construction of ecological civilization, etc., and work together with Inner Mongolia to do a good job in modern energy economy, so as to help the high-quality development of Inner Mongolia. Buxiaolin and Liu Guoyue respectively spoke, saying that the two sides will further deepen practical cooperation in a broader field on the basis of consolidating the existing achievements, and earnestly focus on the implementation of certain issues. After the symposium, leaders attended the meeting witnessed the signing of strategic cooperation framework agreement between Ordos Municipal government and national energy group. Ma Xuejun, Zhang Shaochun and AI Lihua, leaders of the autonomous region, and Gao Song, deputy general manager of national energy group attended the event.

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