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    The flexible base materials for mineral floor protection will be displayed

    Echemi 2020-03-02

    The Munich based Wacker Chemical Group will present the new silres ® BS 6921 silalkyl base material products at the European coatings exhibition 2019 (ecs2019). This product has been developed specifically for use in combination with silres ® BS 6920 products. The antifouling coating for concrete floor made of silres ® BS 6920 base material is not only wear-resistant, but also not dirty. After adding silres ® BS 6921, the flexibility of the final product can be significantly improved. This kind of coating is very suitable for repairing epoxide and polyurethane based floor. Due to the excellent adhesion of the prepared product, the base material is also suitable for the production of crushed stone carpet and permeable floor system, and the base material can be flexible and firm to bond stone particles. The European coatings exhibition will be held in Nuremberg, Germany from March 19 to 21, 2019. Like the previous generation of silres ® BS 6920 products, silres ® BS 6921 is also based on alpha silane technology, but the flexibility of the new products is significantly higher than that of the previous generation products first launched by Wacker in 2017 European paint exhibition. This kind of low viscosity alfasilane terminated polyether, once it reacts with the moisture in the air, it can cure rapidly. The coating formed after curing is more flexible and has excellent stain resistance. Silres ® BS 6920 is used to prepare high-grade durable transparent coating for concrete floor.


    The chemical properties of the new base material are similar to those of silres ® BS 6920. Its main function is to enhance the flexibility of silres ® BS 6920. Compared with flexible base materials, silres ® BS 6920 is too brittle, because of its high hardness, when the floor is subject to mechanical stress or deformation due to temperature fluctuation, it may lead to floor cracking. Silres ® BS 6921 can significantly improve the flexibility of the coating, making it better able to withstand thermal expansion and mechanical deformation. A number of tests show that by using 20% to 30% of silres ® BS 6921, the base material can be adjusted according to the performance of various base materials, so that the prepared products can firmly adhere to the cement bonded floor and various epoxide and polyurethane base materials. Wacker chemicals will present products such as silres ® BS 6921 at the European coatings show 2019. The base material is suitable for the preparation of flexible antifouling coatings for cement, epoxide and polyurethane base plates or for the production of crushed stone carpets and permeable floor systems. This hybrid product has excellent adhesion and can be used to produce supporting products for repairing damaged epoxide or polyurethane floor, water permeable floor system or crushed stone carpet. Silres ® BS 6921 itself is as transparent as glass, and can remain transparent after curing.


    After adding light stabilizer, it can ensure no yellowing even when exposed to sunlight or other light sources. The final product prepared with the above-mentioned base material mixture is a single component product, which can be applied by rag, roller brush or spray gun. Generally, it needs to be applied twice thinly, with an average amount of about every 100g / m2. The first brush can strengthen the floor, and the second brush can make the floor surface more even and smooth, more antifouling, scratch resistant and scrub resistant, and can be polished. Due to its excellent adhesion and ductility, the new silres ® BS 6921 silalkyl base material is also suitable for crushed stone carpet and permeable base material. The coating based on the mixture of silres ® BS 6921 and silres ® BS 6920 is suitable for parking garage, automobile repair shop, station building, logistics center, exhibition and sales place, dining room, activity and conference hall, museum and private residence. The treated floor is easy to care and free from dirt. Scratches, dirt and spilled liquid can be easily removed. New trend of 2019 European Coating Exhibition: the Wacker forum will show many solutions for coating, building and adhesive applications in the 240 square meter booth of 2019 European Coating Exhibition. At that time, more than 70 experts will visit Wacker booth 1-510 in hall 1 to discuss relevant products and applications with visitors. Next to the main exhibition stand, Wacker forum is a new program of Wacker this year. The forum will hold a series of 30 minute lectures focusing on technology, trend and innovation with the theme of "let's talk about..." for people from all over the world. Welcome to for comprehensive information about the activities of the Wacker forum. 

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