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    Change of packaging standards for cosmetics suits in South Korea

    Echemi 2020-03-11

    According to the Ministry of environment, the "standards on packaging materials and packaging methods" and other rules that were banned from repacking in the legislative notice last year will be revised and published on January 29. According to the revised standard, in the future, the packaging void ratio of human body and hair cleaning products should be controlled below 15%, and other cosmetics including aromatics should be maintained below 10%. In addition, the packaging void ratio of the comprehensive product (package) is 25%, and the number of packaging layers is limited to 2 times. The main content of the revision of the rules is large scale stores or stores with an area of more than 33 square meters or product manufacturers and importers are prohibited from repackaging or importing products developing packaging method standards for small and portable electronic products (following the standards of less than 35% of the voidage of 300 kg portable products and less than 2 packaging layers) medical treatment including cosmetics Comprehensive products (more than 2 products) such as external products, with packing void ratio less than 25%, and packing layers less than 2 times, etc. In addition, 1 +! For product promotion, it is prohibited to repack bundled, packaged and free goods. For repackaging standards, which are marked with bar codes and are clear for regular sales, they are not considered repackaging. However, although it belongs to primary and secondary packaging and comprehensive products, it belongs to repackaging scope if there is no barcode or it is difficult to be regarded as regular sales. The revised rules are intended to solve the problem of unnecessary excessive product packaging leading to the continuous generation of packaging waste, and will be implemented from July 1 this year.      

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