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    Sephora opened 100 new stores in North America this year

    Echemi 2020-03-23

    On April 4, Sephora announced plans to open 100 new stores in North America this year. In North America, Sephora plans to open 100 new stores in a year, the largest since its inception. Founded in 1969, Sephora has more than 2600 stores in 34 countries, including more than 490 in North America. Previously, since Sephora hired Jean Andre rougeot as president and CEO of Sephora Americas in February last year, the number of stores has more than tripled compared with the previous year. The new stores will be opened in busy streets, residential areas, business districts, local centers, new and old shopping centers and other places. At the same time, in the process of opening new stores, we will focus on ensuring the comfort and convenience of customers' shopping. The president of nbspjean Andre rougeot said that at the end of my first year at Sephora, I was particularly proud of the achievements of Sephora, and we had unlimited optimism and interest in its future growth plan. "Sephora" will always focus on meeting the beauty needs of different customers in North America. For Sephora, which wants to ensure more extensive contact, physical stores still contain huge opportunities for us to pursue deep emotional exchanges with customers and regional society.


    Through the two-way shop environment, the best educational materials and services of the same series, and the participation of incredible beauty advisors, we hope to provide the best services for the beautiful customers in the journey and bring inspiration. After opening large-scale stores in Hudson square and Times Square in New York, Sephora held a large-scale store reopening activity in grove area of Los Angeles last November. More than 75 stores are planned in downtown streets and community centers, including Charlotte, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, and San Jose, California. These stores reflect the unique DNA and style of Sephora's Classics. They are characterized by gorgeous architecture and visual design, use the most efficient building materials, and invest unreservedly in customer-centered experience, service and employee development. The newly opened stores will use 100% renewable energy without exception through the Sephora sustainability project to reduce energy use and contribute to the global village. In addition, the new stores range from 4000 square feet to small stores that seamlessly connect streets and regional centers, and are made up of all sizes.


    Set up "Sephora studio" to provide skin beauty services in the most prominent position of hair care and skin care products stores. The concept of beauty consultant service and self experience discovery remains unchanged. It is understood that Sephora is the first cosmetics retail enterprise to introduce a unique open sell philosophy more than 20 years ago. Through these activities, customers can try and buy more brand products. Benefited from this, from lip gloss, blush, skin care to perfume and other products, to the customers of silk lotus have the opportunity to experience all kinds of products. Jeff Gore, vice president of real estate and store development at Sephora, said: "everything we do on Sephora that day is to keep in line with the changing needs and vision of our customers. Based on the observation of where and how cosmetics lovers buy today, it has become a popular trend to enjoy shopping in the community." Vice President Gore added: "this year, our customers can not only see more Sephora opening in the shopping center or the shopping center with large flow of people, but also see the opening scene in the place close to home. Therefore, we look forward to improving customized experience opportunities according to different customers." 

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