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    Nearly 70% of large food enterprises in Beijing resume production

    Echemi 2020-02-26

    Reporter learned from Beijing municipal market supervision bureau that nearly 70% of large food enterprises in the city have resumed production, and the supply of basic food varieties in the city is sufficient, which can guarantee the daily needs and food safety of the people in the capital. Beijing Taoli Food Co., Ltd., located in Shunyi District, is a large-scale pastry production enterprise and one of the earliest enterprises to resume production. On February 10, Shunyi District Market Supervision Bureau supervised and inspected the company. Law enforcement personnel carried out a detailed inspection on the isolation, disinfection process, production workshop and product warehouse of the personnel leaving Beijing.


    In the production workshop, it can be seen that the large workshop of hundreds of employees in the past was divided into 15 teams, with 15 to 20 people working together in each group, and there was no contact between groups. Food factory of Beijing daoxiangcun Food Co., Ltd. is a time-honored brand in Beijing. In order to ensure adequate supply, Daoxiang Village maintained normal production during the Spring Festival. Changping District Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, guided Daoxiang village to expand the strict microbiological prevention and control measures of production workshop to all plant areas; strengthened personnel health management and track and trace registration, and strengthened temperature monitoring of production teams; launched enterprise creativity, self-made alcohol automatic spray channel, so as to facilitate the whole body disinfection of entry personnel and the spraying of foreign vehicles one by one Disinfection.


    It is understood that during the period of epidemic prevention and control, Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice requiring food production enterprises to fulfill the legal obligations of the first. Up to now, nearly 70% of the city's large food enterprises have resumed production. The head of the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said the city's food production capacity is gradually recovering. Small and medium-sized food production enterprises are also carrying out the work of returning to work, carrying out the screening and isolation of returned employees as required. The market supervision department will continue to strengthen the supervision and service of food production enterprises, ensure the food market supply, and ensure food safety, enterprise stability and personnel health.

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