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    Designed for European customers, Echemi Solutions GmbH is established!

    Echemi 2020-03-16


    To provide better services to European customers, Echemi Group establishes its first European branch --- Echemi Solutions GmbH in Germany.


    Echemi Solutions GmbH is launched with a mature supply chain system overseas, aiming to expand business processes while cutting down time costs. All goods are provided with authentication files, such as REACH, Halal, and Kosher.


    At present, the company focuses on the paint and coating market. Competitive products are propylene carbonate, propylene glycol, phenylcarbinol, and salicylic acid. Product reports are issued and updated every month with analyses of the market trend and deep insight.


    In the next decade, Echemi Solutions GmbH will improve supply chain services, optimize resources, and enhance management efficiency, so as to provide better products and services to the European market.

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