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    CHINACOAT 2016

    Echemi Booth: 10.3J25-30,CHINACOAT has been serving the global industry since it was firstly held in 1996. During the 3-day event, we strive to offer a definitive one-stop platform for visitors to source full range of products, to gain exposure to new trends and to become more knowledgeable about the industry at large:Buy from great number of China manufacturers at competitive prices.Stay abreast of industry developments and collect useful market intelligence.Technical
          programmes (including Conference, Workshops, Technical Seminars, etc.) can help better understand the challenges and trends in the industry.

    Guangzhou, China
    Echemi Booth 10.3J25-30
  • Middle East Coating Show

    The three-day Middle East Coating Show have a successful conclusion in the afternoon of the 16th January, and we will farewell with World Trade Center. In these three days, we got perfect results, joy with touched. On the second and third day of exhibition, the number of visitors has a sharp increase, our professional skills and enthusiasm attract their attention to stop by our booth. Here is the picture: bustling and methodical scene.In the exhibition, our aims are not limited into the customers surrounding booth, also including those passing our booth. We need run to their place with ipad and ask them politely if they want to know our B2B platform and show them its advantages, and when we heard they say ‘yes, that is perfect! I like it ’ , we just feel all the tiredness disperse, following relief and a sense of success.This is a picture our customers are registering to be a member of Echemi users on the aisle.

    Dubai International Exhibition Center
    Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2016

    September 21 - 23, Echemi B2B platform attend APCS Asia Pacific Coatings Show in Thailand. Through the show, we got in touch with massive foreign and domestic customers, there were more than 200 users registered our website on the spot.
    During the show, Echemi in-depth exchanges with foreign buyers. And on the issue of foreign buyers at this stage, gave answers to help and guide.

    Bahofen, South Korea Hankuch, Corob, Hoffman, Thor, Hemmings, BYK, Q-Lab
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