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    Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate

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      We are an Australian company expanding into a new product line and we require small crystal Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate in small crystalline form similar to the size of white sugar crystals.
      To begin we want to import 0.5 MT of Soda Crystal to Brisbane, Australia by air freight.
      Also will need 1.5 MT to our factory in Xiamen, China.
      If you can provide this product in these quantities, please provide us with quotations for 25kg bags, 0.5 MT, and 1.5MT.
      We will be requiring larger amounts in the future.
      Please see attached photo...this product contains the exact quality we are looking for. 
      Food grade, small crystalline form, 25kg bags in 0.5MT air freight to Australia, 1.5MT to Xiamen, China.
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    Manufactory Shandong 2019-07-11
    Manufactory Guangxi 2019-07-11
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