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    Sodium Bichromate

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      Sodium dichromate - 5350kg
      CAS №	10588-01-9
      Name of indicator Norm for a variety
      Supreme First
      1. Appearance Non-caking crystals from light orange to dark red
      2. Sodium Dichromate
      (Na2Cr2O7),%, not less than 98.9
      in terms of chromic anhydride
      (CrO3),%, not less than 75.5
      3. Sulfates in terms of SO42-,%, not less than 0.1
      4. Chlorides in terms of Cl-,%, no more than 0.2
      5. Water-insoluble residue,%, not more than 0.01
      6. Iron (Fe2 +),%, not more than 0.001
      7. pH of an aqueous solution Not lower than 3.5
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