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  • Middle East Coating Show

    2016-05-24 11:16:03
    Source > Echemi

     Middle East Coating Show has been hold  as scheduled on 14th March, 2016 in Dubai. There are over 300 exhibitors showing up.

     We company want to establish our trading business platform in Dubai which is the center of world trading, also is a crucial bond between east and west. The reason why we choose there is simple--we want to let the world know our trading B2B platform, and to give importers fresh experiences, to feel our effective and convenient services.

    Next to our booth, we set unique roll screen in whole exhibition, with creative design and elegant pictures. On the desk, there is a box using to select the lucky guys and give them our souvenirs, following the process: new customers’ registering--perfect product information--lucky draw.

    After exhibition beginning, exhibitors start to enter the showroom gradually. By showing our enthusiasm and professional skills, visitors are attracted attention with a growing number. So from the beginning, we nearly have no time to have a break, we introduce our product information, platform and our services to every customer with sincerity, 

    After the first day of exhibition, on our way to hotel, we encounter with our regular customer in German, we all feel excited and overjoyed. These two mates are all dressed up to the nines but they are not serious guys, see the picture, so happy.

    Conclusion: Today the number of exhibitor is not too large, but any of them, if they stop at our booth, hear of our service platform, they all are very impressive. But the limitation of network weaken the effect of registering. We learn from local customers that tomorrow the number of visitors will be arrive at a peak, we are looking forward.  


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