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  • East African Coating Show, EACS2016

    2016-06-08 11:32:38
    Source > Echemi

    Wheel does not rest, this time we came to Kenya. With a feeling of excitement, we began the trip in Africa for East African coating congress. In our imagination, Africa is a mysterious continent full of lions, buffaloes and hippos. Whatever, Kenya we are coming。

    June 8, 2016, the East African Coating Show opened on schedule in Safari Park Hotel. Though it was the first time, our booth is still hot bursting, so we were extremely busy. Our efforts pay back finally, we collected almost a hundred efficient customer resource in two days.

    Some of our clients from all over the world visited our booth specially. One of our regular client told us that they have been cheated by a Chinese manufacturer. They purchased um Rosin valued USD 30,000.00 from China, but when they received it, they found out it’s all trash. We felt both sorry and angry to hear that. How can they do this? We comforted our client and told him we have built a B2B platform called Echemi and we provide only real manufacturers with credit report. Hearing that, they were so happy to never be cheated again through Echemi, and they know we are worthy of trust. We were so moved and encouraged to hear that. All the pain had been paid off.

    Kenya is a potential market. With the development of Echemi, we have more energy to exploit Africa market. We are young and never afraid. 

    In the end, please give our Kenyan expedition a big hand!

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