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  • New version, new experience

    2016-08-24 03:46:03
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    Dear all:


    Thank you for choosing Echemi(www.echemi.com), in order to provide you with more high-quality, efficient service, make chemical transaction easier, we have just optimize and upgrade the website system, pay more attention to your experience, in order to create the most professional export of chemical products online trading service platform. With the principle of “easy, safe, visual”, upgrade and optimize in the overall style, content display, column settings, etc. Strive to be close to the needs of users, to provide you with a better chemical trading services.

    The new version was officially launched on August 25, 2016, we sincerely invite you to experience.


    1,New features,new  experience 

    a, Exhibition: Full coverage of the exhibition information, intensive exhibition promotion, global chemical industry exhibition in real time to share with you. 

    b, Help center: Solve all your problem in registration, login, seller certification, release of products and inquiry, etc.

    c, Purchase inquiry: Instantly show the purchase inquiry, massive high-quality customer resources to achieve procurement and supply of information transfer.

    d, Transaction records: Real time view of chemical products transaction record, the information is true and reliable. 

    e, Product recommendation: Based on user data, to build a large data analysis system, based on product promotion, directly to the real needs of customers, recommend quality products.

    f, Data board: Data visualization, total number of inquiries, order turnover, financial services turnover, dynamic display, real time control.

    2, New technology, more secure

    With the increasing amount of website traffic, the stability and performance of back-end services is difficult. The new version of the site is using a new architecture. New site integration, improve the original part of the content, has been a lot of innovation and improvement in form, function and operation, both focus on the outstanding, page design, make chemical transaction easier.

    The new version of the official website may change your past habits, and there are parts of the contents of the column in the process of continuing construction. In order to ensure your normal use, if you encounter problems in the use of the process, please call +86 - 0532 - 80905922, or email to  info@echemi.com, we will provide you with a timely solution.


                Hereby announcement

    Qingdao Echemi Technology Co., ltd

         August 25, 2016

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