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Echemi Market Analysis (Update on 2018-01-15)

Analysis: The Chinese soda ash market was weak and the market in part of areas still decreased. The mainstream ex-works price of light soda ash was in the range of RMB 16,00-18,00/mt. The delivered price of heavy soda ash was in the range of RMB 1,700-1,900/mt. The contract price was flexible. The overall Chinese soda ash market was still weak. Near the Spring Festival, the few downstream users started to stock goods, so the trades were light. Although the increasing rate of inventory in soda ash factories was slow, as the downstream demand was hard to increase. The float glass industry entered the off-season, and the sales were modest. The inventory in glass factories increased and the demand was light. The operating rate in dyeing and water glass industries was low. Users purchased on a need-to basis.
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