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Echemi Market Analysis(Update on 2017-09-11)

Analysis: The soda ash market stayed in a high level. The mainstream ex-works prices of light soda ash were in the range of RMB 1,950-2,050/mt. The delivered prices of heavy soda ash were in the range of RMB 2,200-2,300/mt. The prices in North, Northeast, East and Central China increased in the range of RMB 50-500/mt. The operating rates in part of factories were limited and units in soda ash factories still underwent maintenance. The overall output was hard to increase. Moreover, the downstream demand was stable. As the supply-demand was unbalance, the soda ash factories provided offers but the goods was out of stock. The supply of limestone and coke was tight and the prices increased greatly, which increased the cost of soda ash. As the soda ash market entered the boom season, the demand for soda ash from the float glass factories increased significantly. In the short term, the supply of soda ash will be hard to change. It is predicted that the soda ash prices will still increase.
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