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Echemi Market Analysis (Update on 2017-11-20)

Analysis: The PMA prices in Shanxi Gengxi decreased to RMB 9,700/mt and the PM prices decreased to RMB 10,600/mt. PMA prices in Shuangfeng were RMB 8,300/mt. The prices mentioned above were no packing prices and the prices increased RMB 660/mt in barrel. The inventory was sufficient. The PMA prices in Wuxi Baichuan Chemicals were RMB 10,100/mt without packing. The PMA prices in Zouping Luyue Chemical were RMB 10,500/mt with packing. PM was out of stock and Luyue Chemical stopped providing PM offers to the market. The PMA prices in Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical were RMB 11,500/mt and PM prices were RMB 12,300/mt. The inventory was low and supply was tight.
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