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Echemi Market Analysis

(Update on 2017-08-21) Detail>>
Previous Price:$1250/MT(Reference Price)
Current Price:$1250/MT(Reference Price)  $0/MT
Analysis: Part of adipic acid factories stopped selling goods to the market, and supply was tight in the factories. Adipic acid factories planned to send out goods on August. The downstream demand increased. It is predicted that the Chinese adipic acid market will fluctuate upwards. A units in Shandong Haili Chemical was shut, while there were two production lines in Jiangsu. The operating rate in Tangshan Zhonghao Chemical was normal. Sinopec Liaoning Company finished units maintenance restarted the units, while units in Shandong Hongye were shut. Units in Yangmei New Material were still shut. Units in Xinjiang were shut and undertook maintenance. The operating plany in Hualu Hengsheng was arranged by the end of August. The reference price of adipic acid from Tangshan Zhonghao was $ 1,250 FOB.

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