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Echemi Market Analysis (Update on 2016-11-04)

Analysis: The domestic phosphate raw materials costs increased in Oct, yellow phosphorus, soda ash prices have risen sharply,the mainstream of Hubei soda ash ex-factory price is 1,500 yuan / ton at the end of October,which is expected to spot price of 1550 yuan / ton, 100 yuan / ton higher. Phosphoric acid to the factory price is 4100 yuan / ton, last month prices rose 200 yuan / ton, according to Zhuo rough statistics, the current industrial production of sodium tripolyphosphate Hubei comprehensive cost 5416.5 yuan / ton. According to Zhuo record data shows that the current mainstream of Hubei sodium tripolyphosphate factory price is 5500 yuan / ton while the actual single factory price is 5400 yuan / ton in the vicinity,the average gross margin is 0.15% manufacturers in October, the current cost upside down, gross margin is -0.31% The chain gross margin decreased 1.78 percentage points last month.
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