• Activated carbon

    CAS No.: 64365-11-3

    Quantity:Find 73 items

    Other names: Activated Charcoal

    All Suppliers(64)

    Henan Longxiang water purification material Co. Ltd.
    Shanggao Nengda Chemical industry co., LTD.
    Zuoyun Longshan Activated carbon co., LTD
    Wenxian County Qingyuan Activated Carbon Factory
    Liyang Desheng Activated Carbon Factory
    Changge Mingyang chemical purification plant
    Qinyang LeBang Water treatment material co., LTD
    Gongyi city kaiyi water treatment material co., LTD
    Pingxiang Nanxiang Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.
    Wenxian County Kexing Activated Carbon Factory
    Zhanhe District eight party water purification material factory
    Yuncheng county hongda water purification materials co., LTD
    Nanyang Zhenyuan environmental protection material Co. Ltd.
    Chifeng Biyuan Activated Carbon Co,.Ltd
    Lingyuan dade Activated Carbon Factory
    Gongyi a constant water treatment materials Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi Taiyu Jingshui Co., Ltd.
    Lingshou County Soil and mineral products processing plant
    Lingshou Huayao mineral processing plant
    Lu Zhen Dengfeng Henan and environmental protection material factory
    Jiangsu star Carbon Technology Co., Ltd
    Qingyuan County Keyuan purification material factory
    Liyang South Activated Carbon Factory
    Tianjin Zhengyuan Haoye Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Wenxian Hongda Water purification materials factory
    Linyi Mengjieer Activated carbon co., LTD
    Gongyi RenYuan water treatment plant
    Gongyi Mingyang Water purification packing factory
    Guangzhou YuQuan Water Purification Material Co.,Ltd.
    Gongyi coconut activated carbon Co,.Ltd
    JURONG MINLIAN Activated Carbon CO,.LTD
    Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Henan Luyuan Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi city Yamaguchi Takeshi Activated Carbon Factory
    Wenxian County Oriental Activated Carbon Factory
    Linqu Haiyuan Activated carbon factory
    WENXIAN XINGYUE Activated carbon factory
    Red water purification material factory
    Liyang Nanshan Activated carbon co., LTD
    Gongyi Sanle water purification material factory
    Ningxia Jiayue Carbon CO.,LTD.
    Wenxian Hengda Water purification materials plant
    Linqu Tianyuan Activated carbon co., LTD
    Jiangsu green Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
    Wenxian County Hengsheng water purification material factory
    Pingquan country hongde activated carbon factory
    Jiangsu Zhuxi Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd.
    Henan Le Bangjing Water Technology Co. Ltd.
    Wenxian County green spring water purification material factory
    Liaoyang million letter Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi City, Yamaguchi Jiansen water purification material factory
    Gongyi Beishan mouth good friends water treatment material factory
    Linqu Changtong Activated carbon factory
    Lankao wonderful Activated Carbon Factory
    Wenxian Xinyang water purification material factory
    Pingquan Hongde Activated Carbon Factory
    Taiyuan Botai chemical technology co., LTD
    Shandong long run water new material Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi Yutai water purification materials co., LTD
    Pingquan County Lantian Activated Carbon Factory
    chengde wanyang Activated Carbon Factory
    Yushan Sanqing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Xingchang Activated Carbon Co. Ltd.

  • Polyacrylamide

    CAS No.: 9003-05-8

    Quantity:Find 47 items

    Other names: Polyacrylamide; Acrylamide; Cationic Polyacrylamide

    All Suppliers(45)

    Gongyi Taiyu Jingshui Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi Liyuan water supply material Co. Ltd.
    Dongying Zhengli Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Anhui Tianrun Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Hua Quan water supply materials general factory
    Xinxiang City Rongsheng water purification Material Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi Tenglong Water Treatment Co., Ltd
    Renqiu Xinguang Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Renqiu Pengyu Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Henan Le Bangjing Water Technology Co. Ltd.
    Yinhai Hebei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi Dachang Water purification materials co., LTD
    Gongyi City Heng Hao purification material Co., Ltd.
    Renqiu City, Gao Ke Chemical materials Co., Ltd.
    Dongying Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Zibo Wanjing Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
    gongyi jinyuan chemical co,.ltd
    Renqiu Shuoda Chemical Co,.ltd
    liaocheng Jiulong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
    Longquan Gongyi water supply material Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Yinghao Environmental Technology CO., LTD
    Shandong Tongli Chemicals Co., Ltd
    Gongyi city water supply materials co., LTD
    Renqiu Heng Cheng chemical products factory
    Chongqing ChangFeng Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Liaocheng Yongxing Environmental Science and Technology Co.,
    Gongyi Xuhong Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
    Renqiu Huabei Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Renqiu pengyang chemical co,.ltd
    Shandong Raitte Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Renqiu Sante Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Gongyi Hongyu water purification materials co., LTD
    Renqiu Yibang Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Xinxiang Boyuan Water-purifying Materials Co., Ltd.
    Gongyi Baike Water Treatment Material Co.Ltd
    Weifang Menjie Chemical CO.,LTD shandong
    Shijiazhuang Liao Chemical,.Ltd
    Renqiu Chengtong Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Gongyi xinqi Chemical Co,.lTD
    Gongyi city Lvjie environmental protection material Co. Ltd.
    Renqiu Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Dongying Nuoer Chemical Co., Ltd

  • Zinc oxide

    CAS No.: 1314-13-2

    Quantity:Find 34 items

    Other names: Zinc Dihydroxide; Zinc Hydroxide

    All Suppliers(32)

    Zouping Rong Hao Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Shijiazhuang Baisheng Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Shijiazhuang Hongda Zinc Co.,Ltd
    Hebei Gaolin Magnesium Co,.Ltd
    Shijiazhuang Yinuoda Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Anqiu Hengshan Xin Co,.Ltd
    Gaoyi County Changyuan Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Penglai Marine(Shandong)Co.,ltd
    Long Li chemical
    Zhucheng City Yunfeng Zinc Oxide factory
    Shijiazhuang Jixin Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
    Shijiazhuang Hengguan Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Shijiazhuang Siwen Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Zhuzhou Jinqiao Zinc Industrial Co.,Ltd
    Weifang Hengfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Luoyang Lantian Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Xingyuan Zinc Industry Technology Co. Ltd
    RuiXing chemical Co., LTD.
    Shijiazhuang Taixin Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Shijiazhuang Shunfan Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Shijiazhuang Taimao Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Huating Nano Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Cangzhou Jiewei Chemical CO,.Ltd
    Shijiazhuang Hongxiang chemical industry co.,ltd
    Shandong Rich Chemistry Co.Ltd
    Junan kgi chemical co., LTD
    Zhucheng City Hondar Zinc Oxide factory
    Gaoyi Changjiu Zinc Co,.Ltd
    Hengshui Haosheng Chemical Co,.Ltd
    Hengshui Tairun

  • Caustic Soda pearls

    CAS No.: 1310-73-2

    Quantity:Find 31 items

    Other names: Sodium Hydroxide; NaOH,Caustic Soda Flakes,Caustic Soda Pearl

    All Suppliers(21)

    Wuhai Xinye Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
    Zouping yinghao environmental protection technology co., LTD
    Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Befar Group Co.,Ltd
    Tianjin Pengkun Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Weifang Menjie Chemical CO.,LTD shandong
    Zigong Longsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Befar Group
    Zibo always fine chemical co., LTD
    Tianjin Yuanlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Zibo Zhao Bo Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Inner Mongolia bohai chemical co., LTD
    Tianjin continental chemical reagent factory
    Guangzhou YuQuan Water Purification Material Co.,Ltd.
    Shandong branch yu energy co., LTD
    Zibo poly Hing Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Inner Mongolia Hongjin Chemical Co.,Ltd

  • Monopotassium Phosphate

    CAS No.: 7778-77-0

    Quantity:Find 28 items

    Other names: Potassium Phosphate

    All Suppliers(23)

    Shifang Sundia Chemical Industry Limited Company
    Shifang Four Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Xinxiang Huaxing Chmeical Co.,Ltd
    Suzhou Chang Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.
    Hebei Meng Bang water soluble fertilizer Co., Ltd.
    Lianyungang Kexin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Sichuan Xinsheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
    Lianyungang Keyun Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd.
    Lianyungang Dikang Food additive Factory
    Lianyungang Mupro Fi Plant
    Sichuan Wengfu Blue Sword Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
    Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co.,Ltd.
    Chengdu Qunbo Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Sichuan province Mianzhu Hanwang Inorganic Salt Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Sichuan Blue Sword Chemical(Group)Co.,Ltd.
    Sichuan Shifang Dingli Phosphate Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Qingzhou Guanghui Chemical Factory
    Qingzhou Xingyuan Additives Factory
    Chengdu Huarong Chemical Company Limited
    Cangzhou Zhongxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  • Carboxymethylcellulose

    CAS No.: 9004-32-4

    Quantity:Find 26 items

    Other names: b10;cmc2;s75m;7h3sf;carbo;cmc7h;cmc7m;cmc41a;cmc4h1;cmc4m6

    All Suppliers(22)

    Inter Chemical(Shijiazhuang)Co.,Ltd
    Zhejiang in the same technology Co., Ltd.
    Dongying Linguang chemical co., LTD
    Ningjin Dexin cellulose Co. Ltd.
    Shangqiu Kunyu Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
    Renqiu City Jinfeng chemical products Co. Ltd.
    Yutai Orient Field Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Jinzhou Guangtong cellulose Co.ltd
    Jiangsu licheng chemical co.,ltd
    Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Chongqing ChangFeng Chemical Co.,Ltd
    YANSHI ANXIN Chemical industry co., LTD.
    Zhengzhou Hai Wei Li Food Industry Co., Ltd.
    Jining peak embellish biological technology co., LTD
    Anqiu Eagle Cellulose Co., Ltd.
    Minquan county yongsheng, drilling additives co., LTD
    Weifang Lite Composite Materials Co Ltd
    Wen'an German Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
    Suzhou elifa Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Xuzhou Liyuan Cellulose Technologies Co.,ltd
    Unitech chemicals (zibo)Ltd
    Which is the sheng technology co., LTD

  • magnesium sulfate heptahydrate

    CAS No.: 10034-99-8

    Quantity:Find 25 items

    Other names: Epsom salt

    All Suppliers(24)

    Lianyungang Kexin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Tianjin heng chemical technology co., LTD
    Shouguang Ankaili Chemical CO,.Ltd
    Shanxi Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd
    Laizhou Guangcheng Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Weifang Menjie Chemical CO.,LTD shandong
    Lianyungang Guan Su Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Laizhou Zhongda Chemicals Co., Ltd.,
    Zhuzhou City Hongyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Weifang Gongchuang Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    Yantai Sanding Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co.,Ltd.
    Weifang Guomei Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Weifang Huakang Magnesium Sulfate factory
    Zouping Jinxing Chemical Co., Ltd
    Zibo Hongkun Chemical Co. Ltd
    Xi'an Oriental Dream Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
    Yantai Sanding Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    Shandong Jiangyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Laizhou Shouxi Magnesite Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Laizhou City Laiyu Chemical CO.,Ltd
    Weifang Huakang Magnesium Sulfate Plant

  • Soda Ash

    CAS No.: 497-19-8

    Quantity:Find 22 items

    Other names: Sodium Carbonate; Soda; Carbonic acid; disodium salt,Soda Ash Light

    All Suppliers(19)

    Jiaozuo weilian fine chemical co., LTD
    Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Company
    Dahua Group Dalian Guanlin International Trade Co.,Ltd.
    Weifang Menjie Chemical CO.,LTD shandong
    Lianyungang Soda Ash Plant,subordinate to Nanjing Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Henan Golden Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Haihua Group Co.,Ltd.
    Tangshan Huizhong Chemical Co. Ltd.
    Xi'an Oriental Dream Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou YuQuan Water Purification Material Co.,Ltd.
    Sichuan Tongqing Nanfeng Co., Ltd.
    Weifang Zhongliang Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Sichuan Meishan Tianhe Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    Zouping yinghao environmental protection technology co., LTD
    shouguang hengyi chemical technology co.,LTD
    Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    TangShan SanYou Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd


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  • CAS No.:11138-66-2

    $1800/MT FOB

    Jianlong Biochemical

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  • CAS No.:7758-29-4

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