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    ———— 2017 Global Chemical Events Review ————

    China's Environmental Protection Supervision

    Heavy palls of industrial smog have almost become the norm in some Chinese cities. Some wonder that environmental sustainability is rapidly moving up the agenda for Xi Jinping, the president, as he flexes his political muscles and consolidates his leadership of China.

    The country's moves to protect the environment and avoid pollution-related social unrest represent a radical shift in Chinese policy. Just eight years ago, China viewed climate change initiatives as a western conspiracy to limit China’s rapid growth....>>>More details

    Stories of “Gas” in 2017

    China's self-inflicted heating crisis this winter signals deeper seasonal price swings that may be a boon for liquefied natural gas traders. LNG prices have broken RMB 10,000/mt on the tight supply.

    The arrival of a price-depressing glut of the fuel is no longer seen as inevitable. Instead, China's surging winter heating needs will create larger summer-winter splits in the global LNG market and exacerbate price swings. That’s what has happened this year, as the cost of spot cargoes has nearly doubled since June....>>>More details

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