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What is RFQ?

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RFQ(Request For Quotation), posted by buyers via Echemi or entrusted Echemi, will be reviewed and screened twice before send to suppliers. Echemi will perfect the review mechanism continuously and provide better inquiries and accurate procurement requiremet to suppliers.

RFQ Advantages

Better Procurement Requirement

Inquiries will be reviewed twice to ensure that no ads, spam and vague information in inquiries.

Professional Chemical Trade Service Team

Based on the resources of its parent company, Arrow Chemical, Echemi owns mature professional export service team in chemicals. Members of RFQ team have more than 5 years experience in chemical industry. They can control the quality of inquiries and match buyers' procurement requirement with related suppliers on the accurate matching techniques on Echemi platform. Better services will be offered to both suppliers and buyers.

How to Acquire?

To express our thanks to suppliers' support and trust, RFQ Quotation Service will be free to suppliers, who apply for the trial during Apr 26-Apr 30,
for 1 month. During this activity, Suppliers who give reasonable feedback to us will get extra 5 quotation chances.

Details are as follows

Application Scope

  • -
    RFQ quotation chances are effective for all kinds of inquiries on the platform.
  • -
    Quotation chances given during the activity will be ineffective after April 30, 2018.
  • -
    Quotation chances got by giving feedback won't be ineffective.
  • -
    Quotation chances given to the Gold Member and Silver Member will be zeroed every month.

Go to theRFQ Pageto check the quotation chances.

Authenticated suppliers can enter theSupplier Center

Service Process

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