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Member Benefits

Exclusive Benefits, Just for You

Special Identification

Special identification for members, honourable mark on the website

Inquiries & Quotations

Accurate matching of inquiries; more information about global customers.

Exclusive Business Assistant

Assist customers in business communication, contract signing, order information, etc.

Customers' Information Management

Follow-up of quotation process, management of customers’ information, and more comprehensive management of inquiries

Value-Added Services

Exclusive experience of tax rebates agent and evaluating buyers' credit.

Brand Promotion

Globalize member's brand via global exhibition promotion and display advertising.

Membership Privileges

Different Identity give you top honorable member experience

Member Function Ordinary Member Silver Member Gold Member
Speical Identification
Customer Information Matching
Premium Enquiry Matching
Times of offer 10 Unlimited
Kunlun Account 1.25% 1%
Business Assistant 10 times/year Unlimited
Customs Data Query 5 products Unlimited
Second Quotation and Inquiry Management
Enquiry Short Note 200 times/free Unlimited
Personalized Shop
Export Rebate ¥ 800/time 1 time for free/year 2 times for free/year
Credit Evaluation ¥ 1,000/time 1 time for free/year 2 times for free/year
Member Prefecture
Silver & Gold Member Prefecture
Homepage Advertising Position ¥ 6,000/quarter ¥ 4,000/quarter 3 months for free
Secondary Advertising Position ¥ 4,800/quarter 1 month for free 5 months for free
Search Page Advertising Position ¥ 5,000/quarter ¥ 4,000/quarter 3 months for free
Cost ¥ 15980/year ¥ 19980/year

Question and Answer

Any question, feel free to let us know

How to be a member of Echemi?

Submit application online, our service staff will contact you about the details within 2 days

What about the membership fee of Echemi?

Specific fees is explained in the member sector. Membership fee will be collected by year and silver members ¥ 15980/ year, gold members ¥ 19980 / year.

How can I pay for membership fees?

Submit application online, our service staff will contact you about the details within 2 days

Want to learn more Echemi members?

You can call 0532-55717996, our customer service will explain the contents of your members. You can also leave a message below.

Contact Us

To help you easily cope with the long payback period, reduce credit risks and capital turnover pressure.

If you have any questions, Pls. contact us.

Echemi account manager will contact you after receiving your questions.

You can also reach us via the following contact details:

Member Service Tel: +86-532-55717996
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