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    Echemi & Dongao Harvested a Lot in Ingredient Russia

    Echemi 2018-03-21


    Ingredients Russia is a leading trade exhibition on food additives, flavourings, micro ingredients, technological supplements and solutions for manufacturing food and drinks. 


    This time, Echemi takes a Chinese company (Dongao Food) to this exhibition, which is a good chance for Dongao to know suppliers and choose their needs directly. Also, Echemi focuses on the immense potential in food ingredients area and seek opportunities to promote industrial cooperation and prospective joint ventures among local and foreign partners.

    > Dongao received more than 40 customers

    > Echemi provided language translation

    > Dongao were quite satisfied Echemi's services and will tracked customers soonly.





    About Dongao

    Established in 2004, Jiangsu Xinghua Dongao Food Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of dehydrated vegetables and condiments. The factory is located in the middle of the Soviet Union. It is located in the hometown of Zheng Banqiao, Xinghua, where there are many kinds of vegetables and abundant resources , Known as "vegetable village" reputation.

    Dongao covers an area of 5,000 square meters, construction area of 3,950 square meters, now has assets of 5 million, the number of employees 350 people, more than 20 technical staff, the annual output of 800 tons and above, I dehydrated vegetables, seasoning products Years of history, especially after years of exploration and trial, has accumulated rich theoretical and practical experience in the operation, has successfully produced a variety of high-quality vegetable products, through the State Administration of commodity inspection, the health sector accreditation and testing fully in line with national Export standards, the products are exported to Japan, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, more than 10 countries and regions.In the country and Hualong, Owen, Ting Hsin and other groups have long-term business dealings. And some well-known domestic enterprises to establish good relations of cooperation.

    And in many times the quality, reputation among the best in the rating, my company mainly produces dehydrated vegetables and spices. Our products include chives, parsley, parsley, celery, pickled vegetables, ginger, onion, seagrass, garlic, potatoes (green beans), carrot grains (silk), barley seedlings, red pepper grains, pumpkin grains, Tablets, bitter gourd tablets (powder), seaweed tablets and vegetable powder, seasoning series.

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