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    China Fuzhou International Seafood & Fisheries Expo

    10Times 2018-05-28

    Time: 01-03 Jun 2018

    Location: Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center, Fuzhou, China

    "The event is focused on fishing industry"

    China (Fuzhou) International Seafood & Fisheries Expo will take place in Fuzhou, China for three consecutive days. The primary objective of this international trade show is to bring into lime light the importance and value of agriculture and aquatic products in the contemporary times. Professional experts related to this field will take an active part in this event and will highlight the contemporary and positive changes which are taking place in the industries related to aquaculture. Strait Fuzhou International Fisheries Expo is a must attend event for the agriculturalists and the aquaculture industries. In this trade show they will get a chance to get acquainted with the latest and advanced aquatic products and services which will help the aquaculture industries to expand their business.

    Exhibitor Profile

    The exhibitors of Strait Fuzhou International Fisheries Expo will exhibit the latest products and services including aquatic testing equipments, aquaculture equipments, fishing equipments and aquatic products and services.

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