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    Echemi 2019-02-01

    Coating Korea, Holding seminars on technology trends in high-functional coatings, adhesives and films.

    International Coating, Adhesive and Film Fair in Busan, Various other events, such as exhibitions, professional seminars, etc., are held together.

    The 2018 International Coating, Adhesive and Film Fair in Busan where visitors can see at a glance technology trends in the manufacturing industry centered on coating, adhesive and film industries in Yeongnam Region including Busan will be held by eSang Networks Co., Ltd at the BEXCO Exhibition 1 for three days from August 29(Wed.) to 31(Fri.) under the active support of Busan Metropolitan City.

    In this Coating Korea Busan, high-performance products suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, based on the advanced technology of coating & surface treatment fields applied to the main industries of Busan Metropolitan Area such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, shoes, etc., will be displayed for its visitors.

    The remarkable thing is the participation of Henkei Korea’s Adhesive Technologies leading the adhesive market in all industries worldwide. Henkei Korea is at the forefront of the industry as a manufacturer of products for various applications and sound insulation, damping materials, sealant and surface treatment, which are widely used in automobile industry and general industry, including industrial and consumer adhesives and building materials while developing customized products in Korea that meet the needs of electronics, displays, automobiles, home appliances and various industries and providing solutions applied with optimization. In this Coating Korea, it will display the five technology cluster brands of Henkei’s industrial products, LOCTITE®, BONDERITE®, TECHNOMELT®, TEROSON® and AQUENCE®, and four global brand platforms: Pritt, Loctite, Ceresit and Pattex for consumers and professionals, and it will also hold seminars on the subjects of [Adhesive and coating solutions for the industrial maintenance] and [Adhesive and coating solutions for the general manufacturing industry] for two days on July 29th and 30th.

    The Coating Korea Busan 2018 was ready to be reborn as a representative exhibition that specializes in industry for Busan with various other events for three days, allowing visitors to see relevant products and technologies through the exhibition.

    A seminar on [Technology trends in 2018 for high-functional coatings, adhesives and films] will be held on 29TH(Wed.) from the inside seminar room of Coating Korea. In this seminar, in which speakers with industry-leading experts will participate, sponsored by the Laboratory of Biomaterials and Adhesion Science, Seoul National University, Professor Kim Hyun-joong of Seoul National University, Team Leader Kim Seung-soo of SKC Hi-tech & Marketing, Professor Lim Ho-seon of Sookmyung Women’s University and Dr. Jeong Dae-young of the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) are going to participate. This seminar allowing visitors to know the new technologies and market trends that are suitable for high performance functionalization according to the development and trend of front industries such as display, IT, etc. will proceed at no charge for the purpose of providing useful information to industrial workers.

    In addition, [Seminar on advanced corrosion prevention technologies] will be held under the supervision of Pukyung National University’s Anti-Corrosive Fusion Technology Business Group on 30th (Thur.). Starting with the opening address of Professor Park Jin-hwan of the Anti-Corrosive Fusion Technology Business Group, it will be held with a total of 5 themes such as “Current status and future of the steel bridge painting of Gwangandaegyo Bridge /Busan Infrastructure Corporations”, “Prediction of the life expectancy of steel bridge painting and measures to increase the life expectancy/the Korea Expressway Corporation”, “Introduction of reliability evaluation technique in painted parts/Hyundai Motor”, “Corrosion of materials and acceleration test methods/Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology(RIST), and lastly “Failure Analysis and An Understanding of Advanced Analysis Equipment for Paint Defects / Anti-Corrosive Fusion Technology Business Group”. In addition, now it is accepting applications for free on a first-come first-served basis through online and offline.


    The hosting company eSang Networks Co., Ltd spoke of its aspirations as follows: “We intend to develop the International Coating, Adhesive and Film Fair to play a leading role for re-leaping local manufacturing industries. Moreover, we aim to promote the overall industry and carry out active marketing activities in order to bring out the economic performance of participating companies.”. It also showed their intentions as follows: ”Coating Korea is actively supporting companies with products and technologies in the entry field to participate in the exhibition. And, we offer various benefits, such as buyer matching, support for promotions, discount on participation fee through subsidies, etc., so we hope related companies will participate with much interest.”. Pre-registration in which you can attend the exhibition for free is not available at the website of the Coating Korea Busan 2018, so for further inquiries and related information, please feel free to contact the executive office of the Exhibition(02-3397-0134) or visit the website(

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