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    Emerging Coatings Market: Middle East and Africa

    Echemi 2019-08-09


    Compared with Europe, the consumption of coatings in the Middle East and Africa is relatively small. However, in recent decades, with the continuous development of these economies, sales have grown rapidly.

    Coatings sales in the Middle East and Africa declined slightly in 2017, while the decline in Saudi Arabia's building coatings sales and the decline in protective coatings sales in most oil-producing countries dragged down the market. This trend began in 2015, when a sharp fall in oil prices caused many investment in the industry to be suspended. The total consumption in 2017 is estimated at 3.5 million tons, which is equivalent to the market value of 7.6 billion euros in terms of manufacturer's price. The Middle East and Africa are the world's smallest building coatings markets. In Africa, the region is characterized by smaller paint and paint markets in many countries; Egypt is the largest and most influential market in the region, followed by South Africa. In the Middle East, by contrast, Saudi Arabia is the market leader in building coatings, although in recent years the market has declined due to fiscal austerity measures. In 2018, the market share of industrial coatings in the Middle East and Africa was about 940,000 tons, and that of building coatings was 2.6 million tons. It is estimated that by 2021, industrial coatings will reach 1.05 million tons and building coatings will reach 2.6 million tons.

    In most Middle East and African countries, the construction coatings industry has developed rapidly in the past few years. Strong economic growth in some African countries, such as Nigeria, has created a platform for the continent's growing and expanding markets. The trend of urbanization is deeply rooted in this area. Emerging markets are the positive factors for the development of urban construction. Industrial coatings in Saudi Arabia and Iran

    Compared with other regional markets, the General Industrial Coatings Markets in the Middle East and Africa are relatively small, accounting for only a small part of the global market. It is estimated that about half of the demand for this market is in the Middle East and Africa subregions, with the former accounting for a slightly higher proportion. The Middle East has two excellent markets with strong market demand. The two markets are Iran and Saudi Arabia, which are estimated to account for about a third of the total paint demand in the Middle East. The greatest demand for protective coatings in Africa and the Middle East comes from the civil engineering sector. Emerging economies in the Middle East and Africa have played a key role in improving building productivity, driving demand for building materials, including protective coatings. The industrial end-use sector also accounts for a large share of the region's market, as the exploitation of natural resources in the Middle East and Africa is an important revenue-generating industry. The market value of industrial coatings in Africa is about 1.14 billion euros and that of building coatings is about 2.09 billion euros. The market value of industrial coatings in the Middle East is about 2.28 billion euros, and that of building coatings is about 2.11 billion euros.

    Ship Coatings

    The demand for ship coatings in Middle East countries mainly comes from ship repair and maintenance, because the marine industry is closely related to the import and export of oil and gas industries, and a large number of ships visit these countries every year. In Africa, the ship repair and maintenance sector is the largest end-use sector for ship coatings, but it has suffered a moderate reduction in some influential markets over the years. For example, South Africa's market is affected by changes in trade patterns and lower maintenance costs in other parts of the world. Automobile is very important in South Africa. In South Africa, the automobile industry is an important manufacturing industry, which contributes greatly to the country's exports and makes South Africa an attractive paint consumer center. Lower production costs, an attractive labor market and its geographical location have played a role in the development of Morocco's automotive industry, creating a demand for OEM coatings for automobiles, which is estimated to account for one third of the African market.

    Iran and Egypt's largest industrial wood coatings market

    The largest consumers in the African region are Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. Through an in-depth review of the South African market, the results show that the demand for industrial wood coatings in South Africa is very low due to the small scale of local furniture production and other end-use sectors. The most influential markets in the Middle East are Iran, followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In Iran, the demand for industrial wood coatings has increased due to the application of construction industry and furniture.

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