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    Dr. G. Magic Woman Factory Barneyland was selected as emerging brands.

    Echemi 2019-08-22


    Recently, Korean cosmetics brands have expanded contacts with consumers through H&B stores and TV shopping.

    According to Top5, a new brand in the field of Korean cosmetics published recently by Kantar Worldpanel, skin care brands such as Dr.G, Magic Woman Factory, Centellian 24, Barney Lan, Uriage, etc., make-up brands VDIVOV, CHOSUNGAH TM, 3CE, MACQUEEN NEWYORK, and B are on the list. Consumers choose the most skin care brands in the order of Yue Shi Feng Yin, Feishi Shop, Snow Show, Atomy and Mystery Shang, and the color makeup brands in the order of Edie's House, Yue Shi Feng Yin, Mystery Fashion, Feishi Shop, ARITAUM.

    This analysis is mainly based on the Consumer Reach Point of Kantar Worldpanel business department, ranked by the growth rate in 2018. Consumer reach index is an index that combines the number of households (penetration) that consumers have purchased a brand and the number of times they have purchased a brand in the past year.

    It is reported that the major brands entering the list of skin care brands are explosive commodities, expanding contacts with consumers through H&B stores and TV shopping channels to achieve growth. By expanding the product lineup of all age groups and expanding channel contacts,

    Dr.G has achieved substantial growth. H&B stores' Blemish Cream 'and PX popular cosmetics' black snails cream Black Snail Cream' have also made great contributions to growth. After upgrading the brand of Magic Woman Factory,'MANYO Galactomyces niacin special treatment essence'and'Pure Cleansing Oil' have promoted the brand growth and are expanding its channels through H&B stores.

    Centellian 24 takes the main raw material of wound healing agent `Madecassol'as its main ingredient to meet the anti-aging needs and expand sales channels through TV shopping, which arouses attention.

    Barneyland regained its consumer touch index by upgrading the super popular item `Barneyland Removal Cream'. Uriage was welcomed by consumers aged 20-30 through `X'EMOSE TONER'.

    In the cosmetics market, the rising professional light luxury (Masstige) cosmetics brand is very popular.

    VDIVOV launches lip makeup products made up of different colors according to different seasons. CHOSUNGAH TM continues to launch new cosmetic products such as "Super Fit Cover" and so on in the quarterly system.

    3CE, MACQUEEN NEW YORK and Bbia have increased their product lineup by expanding H&B stores and contacts with consumers.

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