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    ABRAFATI 2019 to feature prominent international participants, heat up Brazilian

    Echemi 2019-08-23




    Between October 1st and 3rd, ABRAFATI (Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association) will be holding ABRAFATI 2019, the 16th edition of the industry’s leading event in Latin America, which is also among the most important in the world, at São Paulo Expo. Celebrating its 30 years of contribution to the industry and the marketplace, the event is bringing together more than 200 exhibitors from the Americas, Europe and Asia, among them key suppliers of raw materials, equipment, technologies and services to the paint and coatings industry.

    Highlights of this edition include the participation of major industry leaders: AkzoNobel’ Global CEO Thierry Vanlancker, BASF’s Chief Digital Officer for South America Fabiano Sant’ana, and President of the World Coatings Council (WCC) and CEO of the American Coatings Association (ACA) Andy Doyle.

    Recognized around the globe for the quality of its technical and scientific program, the International Coatings Congress, which is taking place at ABRAFATI 2019 simultaneously with the International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers, will play a key role in fostering and boosting innovation and technological development across the coatings supply chain. The program of presentations for this year’s edition comprises 90 lectures and dozens of papers at the Poster Session, as well as a seminar on radiation curing to be conducted in conjunction with RadTech South America.

    Altogether, 150 presentations will be delivered by scholars from the world over, who will be proposing innovations addressing such themes as paint and coatings quality and performance, durability, strength, hiding power and drying properties, as well as the role these products play in fighting corrosion. Also to be featured are major contributions to advancement in nanotechnology applications, the latest solutions in microbiology, the use of raw materials from renewable sources, the reuse of industrial process waste, improvement in indoor air quality, and energy efficiency in buildings.

    According to ABRAFATI’s Executive President Antonio Carlos Oliveira, the intensive three-day program is going to have thousands of qualified professionals moving around at the trade show, which makes for unmatched networking opportunities. “Bringing together this select cast of experts connected to all links in the coatings supply chain will allow people with converging interests to meet and engage in negotiations concerning sales, partnerships, technology transfers and much more. And it’s going to deliver from a viewpoint of discussing ideas and new pathways for research and development of solutions to requirements already in existence or even having yet to come up. In other words, there will be a strong boost to innovation in the industry.”

    The timing of the event, too, is going to be one of its key strengths, as the second half of the year usually sees increased paint sales. The result will be an atmosphere favoring business and a pick-up in confidence in the potential of both the industry and Brazil. “We need to bear in mind there’s huge potential for growth in the coatings supply chain not only in Brazil, but also in all of Latin America, which creates various opportunities for doing business with the companies and professionals in attendance at ABRAFATI 2019,” the entity’s chief executive concludes.

    Brazil is one of the world’s largest paint producers, with an annual output of more than 1.5 billion liters.


    ABRAFATI 2019

    16th International Coatings Congress

    16th International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers

    Date: October 1st through 3rd, 2019

    Venue: São Paulo Expo

    São Paulo, Brazil

    For information:


    About ABRAFATI 2019

    ABRAFATI 2019 is the leading event of its kind in Latin America, and a major one around the globe. Comprising the International Coatings Congress and the International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers, it has been held since 1989 by ABRAFATI (Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association). Having earned appreciation for the quality of its program and for bringing together key companies and thousands of professionals, it has had positive effects on the industry over time in Brazil and Latin America, both in terms of business and technological development.

    The 16th edition of the show is taking place from October 1 to 3 at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, where the partnership between ABRAFATI and NürnbergMesse—a world-leading trade show organizer—will be making its début. The purpose of this alliance is to add that company’s expertise to an event that already is highly successful, causing it to take a quantum leap and be in line with top innovations in the world.

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