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    Annual CPCA Conference and AGM


    104th CPCA Annual Conference & AGM 2017

    May 24-25, 2017

    InterContinental Hotel

    360 rue Saint Antoine Ouest

    Montreal, Quebec

     Trends Moving Industry to Higher Levels of Performance

    Recent developments put the onus squarely on companies in the paint and coatings industry to change the way they do business. This applies to all companies in the supply chain: manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in every segment of the industry. These are trends that impact the bottom line including mergers and acquisitions that directly impact market share and price; currency fluctuations that can help or hinder raw material supply; R&D decisions related to innovative technologies for improved performance and greener products that meet stiffer regulations and consumer demands.

    The conference will take a deeper dive on these trends with insightful views from presenters on how they impact companies directly and indirectly. It will provide all an opportunity to look at how these trends will continue to propel the coatings industry forward as the leading chemical sector in terms of shareholder value.

    Join the coatings industry for this important annual gathering to hear from industry colleagues, dedicated professionals and renowned experts.

    Don’t miss it.


    Hosted by CPCA, this annual networking event explores major trends, challenges and solutions in the paint and coatings industry. As a delegate, you will be able to:

    Network with key executives in the Canadian coatings industry.

    Hear presentations by knowledgeable speakers from across North America.
    Establish new contacts in the industry: manufacturers, suppliers/distributors, government, academia, and more.

    Discuss coatings management and operational issues with executives in the coatings value chain in large, and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

    Learn from success stories that continue to drive growth and prosperity in the coatings industry.

    Obtain insight and ideas from your peers in the industry.



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