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    Western Coatings Symposium 2017 (WCS 2017)


    The Table-Top exhibits are a huge reason for the success of our show, and we value our exhibitors. It is important to us that all companies, regardless of size and resources, have a chance to participate in our trade show. We strive to keep our table-top prices reasonable to encourage participation from smaller companies, but have a three tiered system to accommodate those companies that wish to increase their visibility. We strive for an even playing field by regulating dimensions of each display.

    One of the unique and popular features of the WCS is the fact that our exhibits are closed during the technical talks, and the talks are closed during exhibit hours. This results in strong attendance at the trade show, as the attendees don’t have to choose one over the other.

    About WCS

    Held every two years, the Western Coatings Symposium and Show serves the people and businesses that formulate and manufacture coatings in Western USA and Canada. Attendees can expect to come away from our show with a greater knowledge of the newest technical trends and advancements in coatings formulating, as well as an expanded network of key technical contacts in the industry.

    The Western Coatings Symposium and Show is the main income-generating vehicle for the LASCT, PNWSCT, GGSCT and ASCT. The primary mandate of these four organizations is to:

    provide educational and networking opportunities for our members

    award scholarships/grants to students and academic institutions predominantly

    focused on coatings research or related fields of study.


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