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    Digital alternative: European paint supplier Center

    Echemi 2020-04-16

    Trade shows in the global coatings industry have been postponed or even cancelled. The newly launched European paint supplier centre now offers a digital alternative to obtain information on the latest paint innovations.

    exCoronavirus is affecting many industries, especially the lack of large gatherings like trade shows, as this is an opportunity to contact potential partners coating online However, there is still a need to innovate and develop better coating systems to provide new features that are more sustainable and comply with the latest regulations. Therefore, the demand for new coating materials, production and laboratory equipment innovation is as important as ever.


    Material information is now fully available at the European paint supplier center. Users in the paint industry can use the service free of charge to obtain the latest innovation achievements of the supplier industry. If only focusing on innovations in polyurethane or architectural coatings, the service offers easy-to-use options to help filter product videos based on user needs.

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