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    Phthalic Anhydride

    CAS No :


    Price :

    $1070/MT FOB  DALIAN

    $990/MT FOB  DALIAN

    Purity :


    Packing :

    25kgs/0.1kg Bag 

    Total: 150MT

    Remaining: 150MT

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    The domestic market of phthalic anhydride ( O-xylene method ) runs weak, confirmed order is very little. The downstream demand has not been improved and the situation of few delivery has been maintained. Especially in the situation of downstream plasticizer price decreased, phthalic anhydride resist to increase the price, faced with the goods delivery is not fluently, it shows the trend of lowering profits under market pressure. But profit volatility remains narrow based on low supply levels. In the short time, the demand outlook is constrained and difficult to change. As the Spring Festival approaches, the resistance of delivering goods will become more and more obvious. It is expected that the phenomenon of lowering profits will continue, most of which is to maintain the negative situation. FOB USD 990/MT. (from Bill Jiang)


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