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For Partners

ECHEMI has reached strategic cooperative relations with more than 30 well-known overseas exhibitions such as Informa and DMG, providing domestic and international users with first-hand information of the industry, hot spot special reports and other industry news. ECHEMI actively promotes food additive, API, plant extract, rubber and plastic, fine chemical, paint and coating as well as other fields of market information exchange.

Online Advertising

Location Size (unit: px) Price (RMB/month)
Homepage A1 1260*350 ¥6999
A2 840*100 ¥4999
A3 360*100 ¥4999
Exhibition B1 1260*350 ¥5999
B2 840*100 ¥3999
B3 360*100 ¥3999
B4 360*100 ¥3999
News C1 1260*350 ¥5999
C2 840*100 ¥3999
C3 360*100 ¥3999
C4 360*100 ¥3999


ECHEMI sends EDM to target customers, which conveys related news to promote transaction.
EDM contains advertisement, product information, market investigation, and promotion activities. Through these emails, members can get more new customers and keep good relationship with old customers.
  • • Buyers 60,000
  • • Suppliers 10,000
RMB 6,999/time
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  • p4.jpg
  • p5.jpg
EDM data feedback, including analysis of arrival rate, open rate, independent open rate, click rate and user behavior.
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Special Report

ECHEMI Special Report is based on customers' need and topics including exhibition promotion, sales of products, etc. Moreover, the reports will be promoted via SEO and SEM in the global market.
RMB 8,999/time
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  • p8.jpg
  • p9.jpg


  • • Linkedin: 1,000 followers
  • • Facebook: 2,000 followers
RMB 599/time
  • p10.jpg
  • p11.jpg


  • Followers: 30,000
RMB 599/time
  • p12.jpg

Magazine Promotion

  • • Chemcal Weekly
  • • Market Bulletin
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  • mb.jpg
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