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    Hosted Service

    Based on the massive chemicals' info and 10-year experience of foreign trade, Echemi specializes in serving chemical producers' export business. Echemi provides all-round export declaration, order confirmation, safe funds service to complete the information exchange between suppliers and buyers, promoting the brand influence in the foreign market.

    Echemi provides hosted services to Chinese chemical suppliers, offering all-round export services and simplifying the export procedure. Specific items include the management of online shops, online service of professional sales team, timely follow-up of online inquiry, order confirmation and export operation, maintaining the customers of suppliers, helping with suppliers' brand promotion in foreign market and value-added operationg services: overseas advertising, overseas exhibition, etc.

    Credit Report
    Company Credit Investigation Report is provided by Echemi and SINOSURE. SINOSURE makes forensic analysis of targeted company's registered capital, share structure, management information, operation status, risk information and credit standing through overseas credit bureau's field research, background investigation, and online and offline verification. This can assess company's credit in all aspects and make whole credit report. This service can help Chinese suppliers avoid trade risks and make the right choice.
    Service Types
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      Credit Assessment of Targeted Company

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      Export Limit Application

    Credit Investigation Report can help you

    >> To inspect the legal viability of potential customers and avoid potential risks;

    >> To fully understand new customer's credit status and follow up the credit changes of existing customers;

    >> To show suppliers' credit status and show themselves to buyers;

    >> To know buyers' operation risks and adjust trading ways timely;

    >> To use the credit advice of third-party and perfect the credit decision;

    >> To increase credit management level and enhance competitive advantage and profitability.

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