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    • On the basis of the original Supplier System, Echemi Supplier Member System is the new version and contains many kinds of auxiliary functions of foreign trade that members can enjoy. The new member system can offer better user experience.

      Member Services:

      1.Special Identification

      The member can own special identification and get emphasized promotion on the website.

      2.Enquiries & Quotations

      Accurate and complete enquiries; more information about foreign customers.

      3.Exclusive Business Assistant

      Assist customers in applying for minority language help, contract signing, logistics tracking, document operation, etc.

      4.Customers' Information Management

      The quotation process will be followed up in time and more comprehensive management will be offered.

      Echemi provides various payment terms, acts as an agency when drawing tax back and evaluates buyers' credit.

      5.Brand Promotion

      Globalize member's brand via overseas exhibition promotion, mainstream search engine, promotion of SEM and SNS, display advertising, etc.

      Echemi pushes out three kinds of members: Free Member, Silver Member and Gold Member.
      • Free Member

        Free trial without any deposit. No right to enjoy value-added services.
      • Silver Member

        RMB 11,888/yr

        The member can enjoy 14 permissions, and 8 of them have tries limits. This kind of member is appropriate for companies who own self-management customer service, limited products and few export destinations.
      • Gold Member

        RMB 16,888/yr

        The member can enjoy 17 permissions, and 4 of them have tries limits. This kind of member is appropriate for companies who have many kinds of products and wide export destinations.
      Member Function Free Member Silver Member Gold Member
      Speical Identification
      Customer Information Matching
      Premium Enquiry Matching
      Times of offer 10 Unlimited
      Kunlun Account 1.25% 1%
      Business Assistant 10 times/year Unlimited
      Customs Data Query 5 products Unlimited
      Second Quotation and Inquiry Management
      Enquiry Short Note 200 times/free Unlimited
      Personalized Shop
      Export Rebate RMB 800/time 1 time for free/year 2 times for free/year
      Credit Evaluation RMB 1,000/time 1 time for free/year 2 times for free/year
      Member Prefecture
      Silver & Gold Member Prefecture
      Homepage Advertising Position RMB 6,000/quarter RMB 4,000/quarter 3 months for free
      Secondary Advertising Position RMB 4,800/quarter 1 month for free 5 months for free
      Search Page Advertising Position RMB 5,000/quarter RMB 4,000/quarter 3 months for free
    • Online Advertising Promotion: Let more people know via online advertising.

      Location Page Size (unit: px) Price (RMB/month)
      A1 Homepage 1260*350 RMB 19,999/month
      B1 News 840*100 RMB 9,999/month
      B2 News 360*100 RMB 8,999/month
      B3 News 1220*100 RMB 8,999/month
      C1 Exhibition 840*100 RMB 9,999/month
      C2 Exhibition 360*100 RMB 8,999/month
      C3 Exhibition 1220*100 RMB 8,999/month


      Based on the marketing needs, Echemi sends EDM emails to target customers and conveys related news to promote transaction. EDM emails contain advertising, product information, market investigation, promotion activities. Through these emails, members can get more new customers and keep good relationship with old customers.

      To provide special services for you.

      Advantages:accurate and efficientpersonalizedcomprehensive informationtraceablewide marketing scopehigh pertinence and feedback

      Domestic:RMB 5,999/time
      Foreign:RMB 6,999/time
      • EDM Sample 1

      • EDM Sample 2

      • EDM Sample 3

      EDM data feedback, including analysis of arrival rate, open rate, independent open rate, click rate and user behavior.

      Echemi Special is based on customers' need and topics include exhibition promotion, sales of products, etc. Moreover, the specials will be promoted via SEO and SEM in the global market. RMB 6,999/time

      • Specail Sample 1

      • Specail Sample 2

      Echemi has attended more than 100 exhibitions all over the world. Members can make marketing and maintain relationships with customers.

      Echemi has attended exhibitions in many industries and made comprehensive reports. Global exhibition information will be updated in time.

      Africa's Big Seven

      Echemi brought out the online Africa's Big Seven exhibition and 30 suppliers came to the online mall. All these 30 suppliers have their own booths. During this exhibition, foreign customers came to the online exhibition and they can find the products they need quickly and find the right supplier. The online exhibition showed the comprehensive information of suppliers.

      Pharma Asia Pakistan

      Given the rich resources in Pakistan, Echemi will guide 4 suppliers at the lowest price to attend the exhibition. Meanwhile, Echemi will hold special meeting for pharmaceutical producers and customers. More than 20 media in Pakistan will interview exhibitors and publish related news on Pakistan's national television station.

      Take You to Meet Buyers

      Echemi owns 8 foreign Operation Center and these centers can help suppliers to know the local market. By visiting key customers, Echemi helps build transaction bridge between suppliers and buyers.

    • Based on the massive chemicals' info and 10-year experience of foreign trade, Echemi specializes in serving chemical producers' export business. Echemi provides all-round export declaration, order confirmation, safe funds service to complete the information exchange between suppliers and buyers, promoting the brand influence in the foreign market.

      Echemi provides hosted services to Chinese chemical suppliers, offering all-round export services and simplifying the export procedure. Specific items include the management of online shops, online service of professional sales team, timely follow-up of online inquiry, order confirmation and export operation, maintaining the customers of suppliers, helping with suppliers' brand promotion in foreign market and value-added operationg services: overseas advertising, overseas exhibition, etc.

    • Company Credit Investigation Report is provided by Echemi and SINOSURE. SINOSURE makes forensic analysis of targeted company's registered capital, share structure, management information, operation status, risk information and credit standing through overseas credit bureau's field research, background investigation, and online and offline verification. This can assess company's credit in all aspects and make whole credit report. This service can help Chinese suppliers avoid trade risks and make the right choice.

      • Credit Assessment of Targeted Company

      • Export Limit Application

      >> To inspect the legal viability of potential customers and avoid potential risks;

      >> To fully understand new customer's credit status and follow up the credit changes of existing customers;

      >> To show suppliers' credit status and show themselves to buyers;

      >> To know buyers' operation risks and adjust trading ways timely;

      >> To use the credit advice of third-party and perfect the credit decision;

      >> To increase credit management level and enhance competitive advantage and profitability.

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