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Found in 2007, ECHEMI Group is a global group of companies providing chemical supply chain services, chemicals information services and chemical production. With its rapidly growing business, ECHEMI is now expanding its business in overseas. We are now recruiting for a new:

Human Resources

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1. Sales Manager (food ingredient,Chemical,API)

Key Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for proactively locating and prospecting new opportunities for ECHEMI by following up leads and contacting existing and new customers;

2. Contact potential customers and targeted prospects to communicate opportunities to extend initiatives within the company;

3. Collect market information, analyze and make marketing proposals;

4. Follow up the orders and ensure delivery on time;

5. Working to monthly and yearly sales targets and KPI's;

6. Assist in dealing with customer complaints and providing solutions;

7. Follow up customer's payment in time to ensure timely payment collection;

8. Continually increase communication and relationship building skills as well of knowledge of products and markets.


1. Bachelor's Degree, in Food science and Engineering,Chemical, pharmaceutical is preferred;

2. In-depth knowledge about food ingredient or dietary supplement , Chemical, pharmaceutical industry market segments;

3. Extremely resourceful, assertive individual with the good ability to communicate with international colleagues;

4. Strong organizational and analytical skills needed for tracking, managing and analyzing customer lead effectiveness;

5. Assertive individual with the ability to recognize and deliver insights and solutions to internal and external customers;

6. Excellent command of the English language.


Shanghai or Qingdao in China, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil and Mexico

2. Purchasing Manager/Director

Key Responsibilities:

1. Process optimization: optimize the work process of the procurement team to improve efficiency;

2. Product line analysis: Promote procurement and business work according to product series, importance, market conditions, etc;

3. Market analysis: regular market analysis of key and potential products, adjustment of market strategies, and promotion of sales;

4. Supplier management: Through regular visits to suppliers, and third-party information analysis to do a good job of supplier risk control, and maintain a good supplier relationship; analyze, compare and negotiate strategic cooperation factories for key and potential products;

5. Team building: Purchasing team building, improving the performance and ability of the purchasing team


1. In-depth understanding of industrial chemical raw materials, such as resins, coatings, adhesives, inks and other industry raw materials and suppliers;

2. Engaged in procurement work in the field of chemical import and export distribution, global procurement experience is preferred;

3. Strong communication skills;

4. Experience working with a team.


Shanghai or Qingdao in China

3. Purchasing assistant

Key Responsibilities:

1. After signing the contract with the factory, confirm the order requirements, implement relevant details with the supplier, ensure that the shipment meets the requirements, and follow up the order production and stocking status;

2. Arrange and follow up the payment, packaging, labels, invoices, etc. of the goods in the shipment, and complete the coordination with the relevant personnel of the supplier's order;

3. Coordinating emergencies, in line with the principle of the company's interests, to reduce costs, and to ship smoothly;

4. Follow up the account registration of the purchase price and documents and the entry of the order marketing system (including the filling of the purchase factory, purchase price, delivery time, packaging supplier, packaging price and other content), and the marketing system SOP is accurate and correct;

5. Assist in handling customer suggestions, complaints, claims and other matters in the follow-up process;

6. Do a good job of coordination within the department and with other departments;

7. Other tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Familiar with international trade process, operation experience of freight forwarding company or international trade related operation experience is preferred;

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade/international business/chemical industry is preferred;

3. CET-4 or above;

4. Proficiency in operating office software such as Office;

5. Have a sense of responsibility, have a good team spirit, and be able to withstand work pressure.


Qingdao in China

4. International business development

Key Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development of foreign customers, develop and maintain foreign customers by participating in various foreign trade exhibitions, instant chat tools and e-commerce platforms;

2. Deliver the value of ECHEMI to customers, sell ECHEMI online products, expand new customers, maintain old customers, and complete departmental sales targets;

3. Collect customer feedback in the process of expanding customers and continuously improve platform services;

4. Responsible for the overall follow-up and management of the project process, to meet the needs of customers, and to refine each step of the service;

5. Actively complete the work arranged by other departments and companies.


1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-6 or above, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

2. Good market analysis ability and development ability, familiar with the field of foreign trade, and experience in international market development is preferred;

3. Be proactive and positive, have good communication skills, and like to communicate with foreign customers;

4. Good self-regulation ability, able to work under pressure; multi-tasking, attention to detail and self-driven.


Shanghai or Qingdao in China

5. Market analyst

Key Responsibilities:

1. Conduct market and industry research and assist the operation department to issue industry analysis reports;

2. Market research of some products to provide internal decision-making reference for the purchasing department;

3. Perform research and analysis, issue research plans and questionnaires, use analysis tools to give conclusions and verify;

4. According to personal intentions, part of the procurement work can be accepted.


1. Bachelor degree or above, 2 years and above in information industry experience;

2. Have strong market research capabilities and be able to independently issue analysis reports;

3. Strong team assistance and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility.


Qingdao in China

6. HR Director

Key Responsibilities:

1. Overall design and plan the company's global human resources management, organize and formulate the company's long-term human resources planning and annual plan, and supervise the implementation of various plans;

2. Continue to optimize the HR management platform and improve the overall construction of a human resource management system that adapts to the company's development;

3. According to the company's overall strategy, adjust and optimize the company's organizational structure and business processes, formulate and improve the human resource management system, and strive to improve the company's comprehensive management level;

4. Lead and manage the human resources team to build a high-performance human resources team.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 10 years of human resources related experience in well-known companies or consulting companies, including more than 3 years of HR team management experience;

2. Have overseas human resource management concepts, and have practical experience in human resources in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other countries and regions are preferred;

3. Excellent cross-cultural team communication skills, good at coordinating internal and external resources, and excellent influence;

4. Sincere, positive and enterprising, with strategic vision and thinking;

5. Fluent in English and can be used as a working language;


Shanghai or Qingdao in China

7. Overseas Business Development Assistant

Key Responsibilities:

1. Assist users to find the contact information of overseas buyers involved in the inquiry;

2. Assist in follow-up to obtain enquiries, including enquiry development, exhibition customer invitations, etc;

3. Timely record and connect with the members assigned by the team leader;

4. Assist members to familiarize themselves with various services of the platform;

5. Assist members to establish customer contact. Including inquiry and quotation supervision and follow-up guidance, agents contact customers;

6. Assist members in reaching transactions and subsequent maintenance;

7. Member management and analysis,including completing member management forms, issuing and sharing member behavior analysis reports.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering and international trade is preferred, practical experience in foreign trade is preferred;

2. College English CET6 and above, with a good command of listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. Cheerful and responsible.


Qingdao in China

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