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    Isopropyl acetate Inquiry from Russia  Sep 16, 2020

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      Hello! Our company sells chemical products in the Russian Federation. The head office of the company is located in Rostov-on-don, we also have branches in Belgorod, Lipetsk. For 8 years, he has been engaged in the trade of solvents. We sell about 10,000 tons of solvents per year. In addition, we are engaged in our own production of mixed solvents. Our website We are interested in Isopropyl acetate. Please let us know if you can sell it to us. Interested in 20 tons/ 1 tank container/per month. Is it possible to purchase this product, and what is the current price? Sincerely, Sergey Zelenkov, Director of Novohim LLC" С уважением, Зеленков Сергей 344041, г. Ростов-на-Дону, пер. Певчий, 4
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    Manufactory Jiangsu 2020-09-18
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