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    Lithium structure


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    Lithium is a silvery to grayish-white metal that turns yellow on exposure to air and/or moisture.

    Basic Attributes

    • 7439-93-2

    • Li

    • 6.94

    • 7.016004

    • 0 A^2

    • 231-102-5


    • 0

    • 0

    • 0


    • Silvery wire

    • 0.53

    • 180 °C(lit.)

    • 1342 °C(lit.)

    • Solubility in water: reaction

    • water-free area

    • Vapour pressure, Pa at 723°C: 133

    • Stability Stable, but reacts violently with water. Store under oil.

    Safety Information

    • I

    • 4.3

    • 2805190000

    • UN 3264 8/PG 3

    • 2

    • 36/38-34-14/15-23

    • 8-43-45-43C-36/37/39-26

    • OJ5540000

    • Xi,C,F

    • The warehouse is ventilated, low temperature and dry; not stored in hydrocarbons; stored separately from oxidants, halogens and strong acids

    • P223-P231 + P232-P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P370 + P378-P422

    • H260-H314

    • Hydrogen is combustible when exposed to water or humid air

    • The powdered metal reacts explosively with water ... Prolonged contact with steam forms a thermally insulating layer which promotes overheating of the metal and may lead to a subsequent explosion as the insulating layer breaks up.

    • It can explode when exposed to water or humid air

    • Abdominal cavity-mouse LD50: 1000 mg/kg

    • moderately toxic

    Product Usage

    In production of organometallic alkyl and aryl lithium compounds; in production of high-strength, low-density aluminum alloys for the aircraft industry; extremely tough, low-density alloys with aluminum and magnesium used for armour plate and aerospace components.In polymerization catalysts for the polyolefin plastics industry; manufacture of high-strength glass and glass-ceramics.As anode in electrochemical cells and batteries; as chemical intermediate in organic syntheses.Lithium stearate as thickener and gelling agent to transform oils into lubricating greases.

    Production Methods

    The vacuum distillation method uses metallic lithium as a raw material and distills at a low temperature for a long time to precipitate lithium containing many volatile impurities on the cooling tube. After this, the device is cooled and filled with refined argon gas, and the cooling tube is replaced with a new one together with the grinding cap. Then, evacuated to ≤0.1-kPa, and formally distilled at a higher temperature than before. Finally, after fully cooling the device, it is filled with argon gas, the grinding cap is opened, and the metal lithium purified from the cooling tube is scraped off with a scraper, etc. This distillation operation is repeated to obtain a high-purity lithium product. The product is delivered in a cylindrical ingot with a diameter of 90 mm × 160 mm, and each ingot weighs about 500 g. If the demand side has other requirements, the supply and demand sides shall negotiate separately.

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