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Changzhou Huadong Chemical Research Institute
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No.18, Houyang Chemical Park, Jincheng Town,Jintan City, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China







Product List
Product Name CAS No. Grade/Content Operate

(3-Bromopropyl)trimethylammonium bromide

3779-42-8 Inquiry

(Carbethoxymethyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide

1530-45-6 Inquiry

(Carbomethoxymethyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide

1779-58-4 Inquiry

(Ethyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide

1530-32-1 Inquiry

(Methoxymethyl)triphenylphosphonium chloride

4009-98-7 Inquiry

1-Adamantyltrimethylammonium hydroxide

53075-09-5 Inquiry


112-89-0 Inquiry

1-Butylpyridinium bromide

874-80-6 Inquiry

1-Butylpyridinium chloride

1124-64-7 Inquiry


4860-03-1 Inquiry
Company Profile
Changzhou Huadong Chemical Research Institute was founded in 1995. It is a manufacturing-type enterprise that engages in scientific research and production. The institute adheres to management idea of "people-oriented, enterprise development through science and technology". Huadong has two large production bases: Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park and Houyang Chemical Industrial Park in Jintan District, Changzhou City. The former is capable of producing 2,000 tons of triphenylphosphine each year, and the later is capable of producing 1,000 tons of quaternary phosphonium salt, 2,000 tons of quaternary ammonium salt and 1,000 tons of quaternary ammonium hydroxide each year. Huadong is one of the largest production bases of phase transfer catalyst in China. There are more than 100 varieties of products, which are sold well in China, as well as in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other regions. The institute positively fulfills environmental and social responsibilities, and it carries out cleaner production, develops circular economy and pursues sustainable development. The company is rated as "3A enterprise for observing contract and valuing credit" by Jintang City and as "green enterprise" by environmental protection department each year, and it has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification. The company is dedicated to producing new products and improving product processes. Huadong has advanced detecting instruments such as gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, atomic absorbing instrument, and etc. Adhering to spirit of factualism and progress, keeping improving, and continuous innovation, Huadong will offer better services for long-term development. Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit us to invest and develop phase transfer catalyst industry and develop new catalysts.
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