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    • RFQ


      RFQ is an abbreviation of Request for Quotation which helps you find the right suppliers as fast as possible.

      By posting an RFQ, buyers would get more than one quotes from different suppliers. It differs from inquiries that is sent to one specific supplier.

    • Echemi Mall Online


      Echemi is a group company with production plant, export corporations and B2B platform. Linyi Ever Green Chemical Co., Ltd is our 100% self-operating plant with the production of Propylene Carbonate, Propylene Glycol, etc; Arrow Chemical and Qingdao Aspirit are our export companies, who have became the NO.1 exporter of Propylene Glycol in China with an annual production of about 30,000 mt since 2012.

      Echemi is also a B2B platform, supplying services to the buyers and manufacturers from all over the world. Till now, we have 30,000 global members and 6,000 Chinese manufacturers registered online. With 10 years’ history in chemical areas, Echemi has 200 employees and USD150,000,000 sales value in 2017.

      The new Echemi Mall will launch more than 100 kinds of high quality products every week. The quality and after-sales services of products are guaranteed. Members of Echemi can enjoy better prices and get extra discounts when they make orders online.

    • $1,000 Coupons


      Order Now to Get Total $1,000 Coupons Online

      How to Use?

      When turnover exceeds $30,000, you can use one $100 coupon in 30 days;

      When turnover exceeds $50,000, you can use one $200 coupon in 30 days;

      When turnover exceeds $100,000, you can use one $500 coupon in 30 days;


      Echemi enjoys the final interpretation right.

    • Strong Supply Chain Support


      Echemi cooperates with HSBC, BANK OF CHINA etc. Echemi platform also attracting outside investment. We cooperate with Sinosure and Euler Hermes to support credit terms.

    • Promotion


      Promotion products is only for Echemi online order. We provide the lowerst price and good pre(after)-sale service. Echemi will launch various activities for 4 kinds of products every half a month.

      1.Flash Sales

      Echemi Flash Sales! The time for flash sales will be limited. The low-priced products will end till the stock runs out.

      2.Group Sales

      Group Sales is an Echemi customized service for buyers with small and frequent orders.
      The service helps buyers to cut cost by putting together multiple buyers’demand and negotiating with sellers. In this way, buyers with small orders can get good price as big orders are of.
      Echemi will put emphasis on core processes such as quality of goods, qualification of company and demand, so that the purchase efficiency of buyers and sellers can be improved.

      3.Special Offers

      Echemi owns high-quality chemical products for buyers. We will launch special offers regularly to help buyers save cost.

    • Market Price


      Till now,Echemi has sold over 300 kinds of products to 110 countries. Echemi can provide prices for 200 kinds of products every week. Echemi can get good prices from the suppliers using large order quantity.

      When you know the latest Chinese market and forecast of the product, you can seize the opportunity and get great profits. When you gain insight into the Chinese chemical market, you can better grasp the investment opportunity. Now, ECHEMI launches its Information Service to the global customers, and you can expand your business in the Chinese market and know the market information better!

    Trade Service

    • Supplier

      Echemi, Sinosure and other famous credit bureaus provide Credit Investigation Report of Chinese suppliers to global buyers. The report includes suppliers'established time, registered capital, turnover, profits, etc. This service can help buyers know the suppliers’ situation and realize better cooperation

    • Factory Inspection

      Echemi can provide Factory Inspection Report of suppliers’ factories with the support from Chinese famous credit bureaus. The report can include situations of factory, production lines, filling lines, warehouse, etc. Moreover, photos and video materials can be provided. Buyers can know Chinese factories well without need to make field trips.

    • Supply Chain Service

      Echemi provides the unique Supply Chain Service, Sinosure and financial institutions to solve suppliers’ capital problems in trading. The Supply Chain Service can help suppliers with working capital and provide 30-90 payment days. This service will solve all requirements in foreign trade conveniently.

    • Agent Purchasing Service

      With more than ten years’ chemical industry and foreign trade experience and rich supplier resources, Echemi can provide professional Agent Purchasing Service. This service can help buyers know China’s chemical market and solve complicated export procedure, such as logistics, commodity inspection, etc. Moreover, Echemi provides the best supply chain solution with Internet technology. Global buyers need not set offices in China and they can purchase goods from China rapidly and conveniently.

    • Price

      Based on the years of chemical experience and rich suppliers resources, Echemi provides Price Trend Service to buyers. This service include weekly prices, operation status of suppliers, price changes, etc. Moreover, weekly report, monthly report, semi-annual report, annual report and customized reports can be provided. This service can help global buyers know the Chinese chemical market well and seize the best opportunity to make purchasing.

    Find Suppliers by Regions

    Echemi will offer special appearances for suppliers on buyers'purchase need and help buyers find the high-class suppliers.If you want to find suppliers from a specific region in China,simply.


    Procurement Conference

    ECHEMI will Organize Global Forum & Procurement Conference every year.On November 14,2017,Global Coating Forum & Procurement Conference opened in Shanghai.

    More than one hundred of suppliers came to this conference,including Echemi's superior suppliers and members.At this conference,Echemi provided qualified products and most professional service to buyers. Moreover, there were more than 70 buyers from North America,Europe,the Middle East, Southeast Asia,Russia, etc.


    For Buyers from EU

    REACH Verification

    REACH Verification Identification includes "REACH Registration" & "REACH Pre-registration", which means the product’s REACH registration or pre-registration has passed verification by Echemi. REACH Verification Identification can help buyers to find reliable suppliers and products eligible to export to EU quickly.

    REACH Search

    Search products' REACH registration status and registrants details. Gain insight into the situation of EU chemical market.

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