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Echemi Chemical Market Annual Report 2021

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In 2021, after experiencing the impact of the epidemic, China's domestic chemical product market "erupted" strongly. Based on the global mismatch of supply and demand, China's domestic macro environment has recovered steadily, the internal circulation has recovered rapidly, and the demand side has grown rapidly. The chemical product market has accelerated its recovery from top to bottom and the entire industry chain.

Echemi Market Price & Insight provides annual reports on chemical products, which can help you understand more detailed and in-depth China's chemical product market in 2021, including but not limited to: chemical product market operation, economic and crude oil operation analysis, supply & demand analysis, warehousing, logistics, and 2022 supply and demand outlook, etc.

Why this annual report worth buying for you:

• An Annual Analysis of Your Product Market
• An Understanding of Your Manufacturing and Production Costs
• A Clear View Supply Chain Evolution
• Minimizing the Market Risk
• Identify and establishing new market
• Developing Annual Marketing Plan & Product Sourcing Strategy
• Understand the Factor Boosting Market Growth
• Driving Business Growth

The Annual Report Product List

Category Products
Petroleum Crude Oil Refined Oil Fuel oil Petroleum Coke MTBE
Gas Liquefied Gas (LPG) Natural Gas (CNG) Dimethylether
Petroleum Products Solvent Oil Base Oil Petroleum Pitch C5/C9/Petroleum Resin
Olefin & Downstream Propylene Ethanolamine Ethylene Oxide (EO) Glycerol Acrylic Acid & Acrylic Ester MMA
Phenolic Epoxy Resin Stearic Acid
Aromatics & Downstream Pure Benzene Styrene Toluene Xylene Aniline Cyclohexanone
Phenol Acetone Maleic Anhydride Bisphenol A Isopropanol
Plasticizer Butanol 1-Octanol DOP Phthalic Anhydride DOTP
Chemical Fiber Ethylene Glycol (EG) PTA Diethyleneglycol Caprolactam (CPL) Acrylonitrile
Methanol & Downstream Methanol Reagent Ethanol Methane Chloride Acetic acid Acetic Ester
Polyurethane Adipic Acid Butanone Propylene Oxide (PO) Polyether Polyol BDO DMF
Coal Chemical Coke Crude Benzene High Temperature Coal Tar Medium Temperature Coal Tar Crude Naphthalene Ammonium Sulfate
Coal Tar Deep Processing Coal Coal Pitch
Chlor Alkali Soda Ash Titanium Dioxide PVC Caustic Soda + Liquid Chlorine
Plastic & Rubber Polypropylene Powder Polypropylene Granules Polyethylene ABS EPS EVA
PS 1,3-Butadiene Rubber
Fertilizer Urea Compound Fertilizer Phosphate Fertilizer Potash Fertilizer Sulfur Liquid Ammonia

Echemi Chemical Market Annual Report 2021 Chapters Samples

2021 Ethylene Glycol Market Annual Report Chapters (Samples) 

1.The operation of the ethylene glycol market
1.1 Overview of ethylene glycol market price operation in 2021
1.2 Analysis of the operation of China's and foreign contract prices
1.3 Analysis of PTA Price Differences of Related Products
1.4 Operational analysis of spot price

2. The economy and the operation of crude oil
2.1 Overall overview of global economic operations
2.2 Analysis of China's economic operation
2.3 The impact of crude oil on the ethylene glycol industry

3. Supply
3.1 Global ethylene glycol supply and demand distribution
3.2 Global Supply of Ethylene Glycol
3.2.1 Statistics of ethylene glycol production capacity in Northeast Asia
3.2.2 North American ethylene glycol production capacity statistics
3.2.3 Statistics of ethylene glycol production capacity in the Middle East
3.3 China's ethylene glycol supply situation
3.3.1 Domestic ethylene glycol production capacity statistics
3.3.2 Distribution of ethylene glycol production capacity by process in China
3.3.3 China’s coal-to-ethylene glycol supply situation
3.3.4 Analysis of overall China’s ethylene glycol production and operating rate
3.4 Process and cost of ethylene glycol plant
3.4.1 Comparison of main production routes of ethylene glycol
3.4.2 Cost comparison of main production routes of ethylene glycol
3.4.3 Global ethylene glycol production capacity process distribution
3.5 Development path of domestic coal-to-ethylene glycol
3.5.1 China’s coal-to-ethylene glycol technology classification
3.5.2 Development issues of domestic coal-to-ethylene glycol technology
3.5.3 Development direction of domestic coal-to-ethylene glycol
3.6 Analysis of ethylene glycol imports

4. Demand
4.1 Overall overview of global ethylene glycol demand
4.2 Overview of domestic ethylene glycol demand
4.3 Downstream polyester demand
4.3.1 Operation of the textile and garment industry
4.3.2 Situation of terminal weaving industry
4.3.3 Operation of the downstream polyester industry
4.3.3 Changes in downstream polyester demand
4.3.4 The commissioning of new downstream polyester equipment in 2020
4.5 Apparent consumption and import dependence of ethylene glycol

5. Trade flow
5.1 Global ethylene glycol supply flow
5.2 Flow of China’s Ethylene Glycol Supply

6. Inventory and warehousing
6.1 Warehousing Distribution in East China
6.2 Inventory and price trend analysis

7. Supply and demand outlook
7.1 Macroscopic analysis and forecast
7.2 Analysis of Supply Prospects
7.3 Analysis of demand prospects
7.3.1 Prospects of the textile and garment industry in 2022
7.3.2 Statistical analysis of new downstream polyester production capacity in 2022
7.3.3 Analysis of polyester operation in 2022
7.4 Comprehensive analysis and forecast in 2022
7.5 Forecast of the balance of supply and demand in 2022
7.6 Technical analysis outlook for 2022

8. Hot spot analysis

Chart Catalog market annual report

2021 Propylene Market Annual Report Chapters (Samples) 

1. The operation of the propylene market
1.1 Analysis of propylene market price operation
1.1.1 Overview of Asian Propylene Market Price Trends in 2021
1.1.2 Overview of China's propylene market price trend in 2021
1.2 Profit analysis of propylene production enterprises in China
1.3 Profit analysis of major propylene downstream companies in China
1.3.1 Polypropylene powder
1.3.2 Propylene oxide
1.3.3 Butanol
1.3.4 Acetone
1.3.5 Epichlorohydrin

2. Economy and Crude Oil Operation
2.1 Overall overview of global economic operations
2.2 Analysis of China's economic operation
2.3 The impact of crude oil on the propylene industry

3. Supply
3.1 Analysis of propylene production capacity and equipment
3.2 Analysis of propylene production
3.3 Analysis of propylene import

4. Demand
4.1 Analysis of Propylene Demand
4.2 Analysis of propylene export

5. Related Products 5.1 Correlation analysis of propylene-related products in 2021 (correlation analysis)
5.2 Upstream and related products
5.2.1 Crude oil
5.2.2 Coal
5.2.3 Liquefied gas
5.2.4 Methanol
5.3 Main downstream and related products
5.3.1 Polypropylene
5.3.2 Propylene oxide
5.3.3 Butanol
5.3.4 Epichlorohydrin
5.3.5 Acrylic
5.3.6 Acrylonitrile
5.3.7 Acetone

6. Logistics and warehousing
6.1 Overall overview of propylene logistics
6.2 Overall overview of propylene storage

7. Supply and demand outlook
7.1 Analysis of China's Propylene Supply Prospect in 2022
7.2 Prospect analysis of China's propylene demand in 2022
7.3 Forecast of China's Propylene Supply and Demand Balance in 2022
7.4 China's propylene industry chain and related product price outlook in 2022

Chronicle of Acrylic Events in 2021

Chart Catalog market annual report
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