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Chlor Alkali Market Weekly Report (20210911-0917)

The caustic soda market atmosphere revived this week, and the market continued to jump in a wide range under the shortage of supply side units and serious shortage of supply. At the beginning of the week, due to the load reduction of Dongying enterprises

Octanol Market Weekly Report (20210910-0917)

The actual overall domestic octanol market continued to decline in a wide range this week. The downstream plasticizer Market operated weakly as a whole, and the demand side has not been significantly improved.

DOTP Market Weekly Report (20210910-0917)

This week, the domestic DOTP market continued to be weak and fell, and the upstream octanol support weakened and fell. The demand of the downstream products industry remained weak, the overall atmosphere of the spot market was flat, the market focus conti

N-butanol Market Weekly Report (20210910-0917)

The overall trend of the domestic n-butanol market this week was significantly weaker than that last week, and the manufacturer's inventory and shipment decreased. Based on the centralized reduction of goods taken by downstream butyl factories, the overal

Acetic Acid Market Weekly Report (20210913-0917)

Due to the impact of power consumption measures in the industry sector, China's domestic acetic acid operating rate has fallen sharply.

Cost Analysis

Analysis of Cost and Profit of Styrene in June (202108)

From the perspective of raw materials, the mainstream transaction price of pure benzene market in East China refers to 7745 yuan/ton, and Northeast Asia ethylene closed at US$980/ton

August cost and profit analysis - methylene chloride (202108)

According to calculations, the average profit of the methylene chloride market this month was around 805 yuan/ton, a decrease of 43% from the previous month.

MMA August cost and profit analysis (20210831)

On August 31, 2021 , the MMA trade market in East China will send the price to 13,100-13,300 yuan/ton. In terms of cost, the Jiangsu acetone market refers to 6050-6150 yuan/ton.

Ethanol August cost and profit analysis (20210831)

On August 31, 2021 , Jilin general grade corn ethanol will be quoted at 6600-6800 yuan/ton, and Subei general grade cassava ethanol will be quoted at 6500-6600 yuan/ton.

TDI August Cost Profit Analysis

In August , the profit of the TDI factory increased. According to statistics from Zhongyu, the average profit of the factory during the month was 1837 yuan / ton, an increase of 167 yuan / ton or 9.9% from the previous month .

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